International Conference on Creating Sports Culture in Universities

SGT University organises “International Conference on Creating Sports Culture in Universities” Faculty of Physiotherapy.

In India we need to focus on universities based sport culture which leads to a great culture for sport.

Sport’s motivations, meanings and purposes. Includes the psychology of sport and the interplay between individual identities and access, equity, and participation in sports. Examines the social and sociological aspects of sport, the impact of cultural traditions and cultural differences on how sports are played or viewed, and the influence of sports on national, ethnic, or community identity.

On the relationship of sports participation to physical, mental, or emotional health and well being. Includes the study of health, nutrition, exercise science, sports medicine, and bio mechanics. Examines the relationships between health/physical fitness and other aspects of life (cognitive abilities, work performance, social interactions).

On learning about and through sport. Includes physical and health education in schools and communities, teaching and coaching techniques. Examines how sports programmes in schools and communities promote learning, tolerance, social cohesion, and community development.

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