Kisan Mela Visit at ICAR-IARI Pusa Campus, New Delhi

An educational trip to “Kisan Mela (Farmers’Fair)” at ICAR-IARI Pusa Campus, New Delhi was organized for the B. Sc. (Hons.) Agriculture students on 16th March, 2018.The students were accompanied by Dr. Mohinder Singh and Dr. N. K. Tiwari, Assistant Professors, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. The central theme of the Kisan Mela was “doubling the farmers’ income” in due course of time. Students experience of knowledgeable exhibition presented by different Government and Private organizations across the country. Students saw multiple types of agricultural tools, like- mud- loader, rotavator, seed drill machine, modern spray pump, combine harvester and thrasher, pivot irrigation system and straw ripper displayed in various stalls and acquired knowledge about their working and specifications. Students also grab a chance to see various plant breeding techniques, different types of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides and fertilizers and learnt to use them for improving crop productivity and productivity. Most of the pesticides displayed and demonstrated, were eco-friendly in nature which is the need and future demand of the nation. Students also saw various disease infected specimens, models of various agricultural techniques, improved varieties of fruits and vegetable crops and useful insects for crop plants; and dry flower species as well as various species of ornamental cultivated flowers. Students also gathered knowledge about the different components of Revolution including Green Revolution, White Revolution, Organic Revolution, Water Revolution, Blue Revolution etc.. In the exhibition students got to know about bee hives, honey extraction and the bi-products of honey bees and their uses.

Students also saw the Pride of Haryana, the Murraha buffalo producing more than 25 liters milk per day. Nicknamed Rustum and Yuvraj males of Murrah drew special attention among the livestock segment, whose presumptive cost was more than rupees 11 crores. This trip created enthusiasm in every student, as they had a chance of face to face interaction with entrepreneurs of private agencies and firms engaged in agricultural inputs, implements, machinery, seed, fertilizer, insecticides and pesticides and field management. On the whole it was a wonderful and experiential learning of the students

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