Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas organised by Faculty of Commerce & Management was created to resemble the real-world process of launching a business. The event commenced on 29th January 2019. In this event, student teams presented formal business proposals to a panel of judges which comprised of business professionals and technocrats. The goal was for students to gain real-world experience while developing new business ideas based either on their own ideas and technologies or those developed by others. The prize money was sponsored by CIMA UK…

Lean Canvas was presided by Mr Rajneesh Wadhwa, CTO  and Dr Yogesh Mehta served as convener who advised and mentored participants on following parameters.

  • Innovation that new technologies, products and processes generally involve, including intellectual property and Technology Transfer.
  • Entrepreneurial Venture focusing on traditional retail, manufacturing, or service ventures, including new or expanded operations.
  • New Product Development involving innovative solutions to social problems and have a mission of creating and sustaining social value.