“Role of Communication Skills for Everyday Success”

Organizer: Faculty of Science
Date:                     19 December, 2020

Good communication plays an important role in success at the workplace and in personal life. Leaders who skill to speak effectively with those around them will see better productivity and improved relationships in every aspect of their lives. Effective communication involves knowing the way to listen attentively. It’s the power to supply empathy, open-mindedness, and helpful feedback that supports what you hear. Also, a friendly demeanor, confidence, and quality nonverbal communication also will assist you as a manager, teacher, researcher, student and help to develop good relationships with the members of your team and colleagues.

Let’s explore some benefits of effective communication you’ll see in- and out of doors your workplace once you take the time to nurture these skills with Mr. Amrendra Kumar, Personal Leadership Coach & Behavioral Trainer.


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