Seed Processing Plant and Nursery Visit

A one day educational visit for the B. Sc. (Hons,) Agriculture 2nd year students to Seed Processing Plant, Pataudi, and Haryana Nursery Ucha Majara, Gurugram was organized on 15th March, 2018. Dr. Ashok Kumar Dehinwal and Dr. Mohinder Singh, faculty members of agricultural sciences accompanied the students. The students learnt practical aspects of seed processing plant. The visit was necessitated as it was a part of practical training of seed technology paper. The students had one to one detailed interaction with Mr. Prem Singh, Head of Haryana Beej Bhandar and discussed of various machines and equipments used in seed processing plant. While addressing the students, Mr. Deepak Sharma, Incahrge of the Plant, underlined the importance of each and every steps of working of plant. The whole tour was divided in two groups to make understanding of all the aspects more meaningful and practical oriented. The important features of the learning were that students learnt practically about working of different stages of seed processing i.e. seed scalper, grader, elevator, leveling and packing and tagging of bags. Such type of educational tour is an excellent opportunity for those connected with the seed industry to enhance knowledge and outlook and also for the learners of the process. For the students studying agriculture, such visits are a must.

Students also visited Haryana Nursery located at village Ucha Majra (Pataudi). They interacted with the owner Mr. Ravi Kumar and discussed the layout and marketing strategies of different types of nursery. They were also made aware about different management and maintenance practices of indoor, outdoor, horticulture and ornamental plants. The visit was definitely a confidence booster for the students who have a long way to progress in agricultural related fields.

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