Patents Applied

Faculty of Physiotherapy Multipurpose Trainer Facilities NMFDr. Bharti” <>Application Filed
Faculty of Physiotherapy  Intermittent Claudication CuffDr. Shivangi Sachedeva” <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyWall Climbing RobotMonika Deshwal <>Application Filed
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyMulti-Purpose Ploughing VehicleMR. DINESH DESHWAL” <>Application Filed
Faculty of Indian Medical System“Maintenance of ORAL Hygiene through Kshaudradi Natural tooth paste”Anupama Patra <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Indian Medical SystemScalp Management Solution-Herbal DyeDr. Vikas Sharma” <>Application Filed
Faculty of PhysiotherapyElectromagnet Rehab UnitMr sajjan <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of NursingRelief BandDeepak Dabas <>Application Filed
Faculty of Allied Health ScienceAI Smart Glass for RadiologyNitish Virmani <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Allied Health Science“Invent Low Cost Quality control X-Ray Equipment Tools”Nitish Virmani <>Under Evaluation
SGT College of Pharmacy“Recipes for dietary intake recommended to the patient with compromised Renal & Hepatic Function”Dr. Vijay Sharma” <>Application Filed
SGT College of PharmacyEco-friendly Packaging MaterialTripti Arora <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Dental SciencesEndo VactivatorDean FDSC <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of sciences(FORENSICS)Extirpation of Radicular pulp through apical foramen:Broching technique for investigation“Dr. Leena Bhardwaj” <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Dental Sciences“Customized Biomedical Waste Bins for Dental Clinics”Anil Gupta <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Dental SciencesSpaceship Pediwarp (Simulated Restraining Device for children)Anil Gupta <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyAdvancePortable Industrial 3D Printer for Construction& Large Scale FDM 3D PrintingDr. Ajay <>Application Filed
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyIntelligent Self -Healing Robotic 3D bio-printing EquipmentDr. Ajay <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyIntelligent Street LightManpreet Singh Bajwa <>Provisional Patent Awarded
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologySelf Retracting 3D printing mechanism for multi-materialDr. Ajay <>Under Evaluation
Faculty of Engineering and TechnologyDepressionManpreet Singh Bajwa <>Application Filed
Faculty of Dental SciencesCOMPLIANCE MONITORING Dr. Kirti kaushikApplication Filed
Faculty of medical & health sciencesAerosol ContainmentDr. Baljit SinghApplication Filed
Faculty of Fashion & DesigningMushroom GarmentsDr. M K Nair and Ms. Swati YadavGrant on (Patent Design)
Faculty of Engineering & TechnologyRemotely Operable Vehicle Anti Theft System Dr.  Rajan Garg and Mr. Chirag AryaApplication Filed
Faculty of Dental Sciences Apparatus and Method for Disinfecting Dental Water Using OzoneDr. Priyanka Chopra and Dr. Amit BhardwajApplication Filed
Faculty of Sciences (FORENSICS)System and Method for Estimation of Shooting Distance of a weapon Through its Gunshot Residue (GSR)Dr. Leena BhardwajApplication Filed