Prof. Rizwan Musanna

Welcome to SGT University – A research-intensive University focused on improving the quality of life in our regions and around the globe. SGT UNIVERSITY stands as a leader distinguished by a commitment to equity and excellence. Our academics, students and staff pursue innovative solutions to the world’s great challenges. SGT University delivers the highest quality in everything we do and benchmark ourselves against the world’s best. Our work focuses on enriching and developing our communities through mutually beneficial activities that add value to the teaching, learning and research activities of the University. Our education programs are robust and are supported by a service culture to students. Our graduates are making meaningful and lasting improvements nationally and internationally. Many of our alumni have become outstanding leaders in India and worldwide. SGT University continues to undertake initiatives to ensure that our graduates possess the future skills, knowledge, competencies, and attitude to meet and exceed stakeholders’ expectations in an increasingly globalized world. We are proud of our role in preparing world-class graduates for India and South Asia. SGT University will continue to play a pivotal role in leveraging the University’s excellence in research and innovation by developing mutually beneficial relationships and partnerships with the industry, public and private institutions, and the wider community. Our research is world-class and diverse and our partnerships and collaborations drive innovation. SGT University engages in innovative and high-impact research in India and across South Asia. Our research activities are enhanced by well-developed collaborative initiatives with industry, public and private institutions, and the wider community. While we face challenges, there is also much to celebrate. Within a few weeks, we will welcome over 2,000 new undergraduate students, hundreds of graduate and PhD scholars, dozens of new faculty and staff members, who all bring fresh energy and perspectives to the campus. I look forward to joining them in their initial SGT University exploration. My regular order of business is to engage broadly within our community to hear your ideas about the future of our university. As I plan to learn from all of you, I hope you will also take time to continue to learn from each other. As we all know, education within a university isn’t just about what happens in the classroom. Our entire community benefits from our diverse life experiences, which enrich both our life on campus and our ability to contribute to the world beyond SGT University. This is the ideal place to share and discuss ideas and perspectives that may be different from our own, in mutual understanding and respect. I am filled with optimism about the strength of our community, the trajectory of our university and the opportunity we have to magnify our impact on the world. You will hear more from me before long, and I hope to see you around campus—in your residences, offices and laboratories, at performances, presentations and other gatherings … and while cheering on our student athletes!