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Redefining Life After Covid-19 by Dr. Umesh Chandra

The life during lockdown because of COVID -19 has led human civilization to brood over the existing way of life. Undoubtedly, the human race has attained the greatest inventions to make life more and more convenient with the passing time. Mechanical science and medical sciences have brought out marvelous tools and ways to make human life smooth. To understand this, one can see the examples from the agriculture sector, health, and space sciences. The new inventions have made human life better than their previous lifestyle in history. But, these new developments have also brought the dark side of the human mind when people started exploiting nature and resources in the name of development and growth.


Apart from this exploitation by the people, the new lifestyle made them away from nature. In fact, human beings became detached from nature. Scientific inventions having the objective to produce betterment in life were getting changed as the apparatus of lavish and luxury. One can see the journey of electrical science from bulb to air-condition apparatus. The invention of electricity has brightened the human civilization as once the search of metal has changed the lives of people on the earth. But we are also observing that several instruments are becoming an integral part of human life by the time.

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The significant question arises here that is human life is possible with the less use of the tools and instruments invented by advanced science. The objective answer will be ‘yes, it is possible’. The point to be understood is that one can restrict need but the greed is unstoppable. This thought leads one to rethink the exploitation of sources and resources around the globe. It is the responsibility of every human being to save nature and resources and lead life according to the path of nature because it gives all that is required for survival.

required for survival

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Surviving close to nature provides good health also. The natural therapies and yoga therapies are producing good results in current times. Against the strong fort of scientific medical sciences of the modern era, these therapies have rebuilt their space. These have been part of human lives for centuries and people were in natural surroundings with these techniques and tools and surviving with the great zeal for life. Human life was guided by the divine nature for years as Alexander Pope says in an Essay on Man,

Know then thyself, presume not God to scan;

The proper study of mankind is a man.

So, the exploitation of nature and its resources must be stopped because nature is divine and gives breath and immunity to mankind. The pandemic, COVID 19 faced in current times is not the last one. There will be a number of pandemic in the future if the lust of human beings will not be stopped soon. Therefore it is the best time to take an oath to save nature for the sake of mankind.

Dr. Umesh Chandra
Asst. Professor
Center for Language and Communication,
SGT University

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