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Entrepreneurship is the process of designing, launching and running a new venture, which is often initially a small enterprise. Women have made a mark as entrepreneurs in many fields, especially in the educational sector. This is a very special sector as it demands a passion for the cause as well as great leadership and collaborative skills. Women have always been compassionate about their dreams and when their dreams are given a cause they get transformed into their goals. There are many women in India, who as kids could only dream about sitting in a classroom, later started their own schools and colleges with a mission to provide a better education and change the mindset of the society. Women are the torch bearers of strength, whether in the domestic arena or professional sphere. Women are emotionally strong as well as able to take-up multi- task, risks and initiatives. However, in India, women had struggled a lot to achieve the position they are in today, the position which is right next to the position of a man. But still, in many parts of our country, girls aren’t sent to school and women are asked to stay and work at home. This kind of misery acted as kerosene to the fire of the idea of bringing change in the world of many women entrepreneurs who then came forward to develop the educational sector which rights this wrong. Many women entrepreneurs are trying to develop new techniques and skills in order to bring revolutionary changes in the ways in which young minds nurtured in our country. Woman entrepreneurs have an inherent quality of quickly building a rapport and looking at things from a human angle as well, and thus, they excel in customer service.


One of the most challenging tasks for higher education leaders is the need to innovate continually. Today, colleges and universities must keep up with technology’s evolution because the higher education sector is very competitive. Whether it is facilitating a better program for faculty retention, developing student services, or building new research facilities, academic leaders must think of innovative solutions to deliver quality education and sustain many aspects of its business! We, at SGT University, believe in creating futuristic educational structures, incorporating high-end research facilities, and constructing sustainable classrooms which form the part of some of the common innovation projects that university leaders implement on their respective campuses. Today’s generation of university students look forward to attending technologically advanced universities. Students are attracted to campuses with ultramodern residence and dining halls, dynamic classroom designs, and modern recreation facilities. Sustainable features all over the school play a significant impact on their choice of school. For them, the ultimate college experience is to live and learn on campus with low carbon footprints.


600-700 young people, living worldwide, are both torch bearers and active agents in the realization of our universal human rights. It is your right, and our global responsibility, to ensure that people everywhere have access to just and equitable opportunities to fulfill their rights and aspirations. The potential for humanity to create a peaceful, prosperous future will not be reached as long as inequities and discrimination against youth remain commonplace, and young people lack opportunities to have their voices heard.


SGT University, Gurugram is a premier institution of higher learning, uniquely placed in a region of extraordinary physical, social and economic diversity. The multicultural nature of the staff and student body give the university an exceptional character. It is a quality institution producing degrees comparable to those awarded by top rung universities. Graduates from our university are found in important executive positions throughout the public and private sectors in India and numerous countries around the world. Our university believes in planning and guidance for community engagement and works with community partners to identify issues most important in advancing the well-being of the community. We oversee and enhance collaborations between the community and students, faculty and staff, and work to build new relationships with community stakeholders. With an eye to the rapidly evolving public health landscape, we at SGT University expand upon our existing activities and assets while pursuing new opportunities to innovate and transform public.


Our mission at the university is to advance health as a human right for all. Building a diverse and inclusive institution is central to this mission and to our commitment to serve the community, the nation, and the world. Bringing together students, faculty, and staff with a range of life experiences creates a dynamic community that offers the contrasting perspectives and ideas needed for public health innovation, Working together to improve diversity and inclusion in the university empowers us to advance knowledge and to translate research into policy and practice, with a particular focus on closing health disparities experienced by vulnerable and marginalized populations. We continually strive to find new ways to advance diversity and inclusion in a manner that serves every member of the university and the communities with whom we work.


Success is better defined as an achievement of a desired aim or purpose. More than money or fame, most people desire to align their own passions with their work, while making a sustainable income. Money brings diminishing returns the more you make, which makes it an elusive definition of success. For most people, success means being proud of their achievements and being part of something that matters. This is particularly true when it comes to meaningful work. In fact, if an individual decides to follow their passion, there is a greater likelihood that money and traditional success will follow, because the time and effort invested in the venture come with enthusiasm and zeal. The most important ingredient in achieving your goals is passion. “Signing on” to something that you are passionate about can take you just anywhere. Intelligence, connections and courage may all help, but nothing can trump passion. The truly successful person is almost always one who is extremely passionate about his or her endeavor.


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