Shortage of Nurses In India

Shortage of Nurses In India

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As nurses play an important role in the health care, sometimes even more important than doctors and other health professionals. Nurses are the important professionals who take direct care of us when we are at a most vulnerable period of our life. So it is important to take care that nurses should get proper training and quality education so that they can provide care to the needy people. The acute shortage of trained nurses in India is a major setback to expand the health care services. It is necessary to increase the number of nurses by reducing the problems faced by them so that we can provide the quality to the community as well as the individuals to make the India a healthy nation.

Nursing shortage refers to a situation where the demand for the nursing professionals as registered nurses exceeds the supply locally, nationally or globally. The demand for nurses can be measured when there is a nurse-patient ratio, nurse population ratio or the number of trained institutes as well as the job openings for the nurses necessitates a higher number of nurses than currently available.

The demand for the nurses worldwide is growing so fast, we can say the in today’s scenario out of 12 largest economies 8 have serious nurse shortage. In these Russia have just half of the nurses they actually need, Japan and US have only about a third and UK has even less than a fifth. Even India is also lacking in this as there is a shortage of nurses in India is a big issue again. Because we know nursing profession is a very rewarding career but it is emotionally payable too. The hours of the nursing job are too long sometimes due to double duty, irregular hours are again not letting the nursing students join this profession.

The other reason which we find at the level of training schools is due to the lack of trained faculty, nurses and ill-equipped infrastructure, lack of seats and training institutes or it may be due to the job placements and opportunities as well. The inadequate worker retention incentive is the other reason for the shortage of nurses in India for the health care facilities.

Considering all the above aspects, the SGT University is helping the situation by providing a number of seats in a variety of nursing courses. The university intends to provide training to a large number of aspiring nurses and shorten the demand-supply gap in the industry as much as it can. Not only that SGT University is providing a large number of nurses to the industry every year, it is setting the high-quality standards due to the advanced infrastructure and its parent hospital – which helps the students to see and learn the practical aspects of the field along with the theory and academic knowledge. The University also organize variety of awareness programs to address the need of the community. The university sends their student nurses to the community fields as well to understand and learn the problems of the society. To learn about the need and problem of the health related issues in the society, (epidemically and endemically) which are then treated by the skilled staff of the SGT along with the students in the community. The university also gives exposure to their students for different specialty field postings as required according to their curriculum designed by the Indian Nursing Council. The University also coach students to get ready for the healthcare industry – we guide and train them for job interviews, share knowledge about working culture and work ethics of the health care industry.

Not only for students the university also takes initiatives for the development and up gradation of faculty these includes projects for faculty, conferences, development programs and in-service education.

The courses which the SGT university provides in the nursing domain are Basic B.Sc. Nursing 4 years program, and M.Sc. 2 years program with 4 different specialties as Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychiatric health nursing, Community health nursing, Child health nursing. So, students attain the diplomas, degrees, and masters from the university. The university is also planning to get the affiliation on even more specialized courses run by the Indian Nursing Council.

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