SMART INDIA HACKATHON – Where Ideas run in marathon

Smart India Hackathon is a not just a tech-fest, it’s a carnival of ideas and innovations. It’s the world’s biggest open innovation model which opens the door to technology students to come up with problems as well as their solutions, which, they as students of technology face on a daily basis. This helps in creating a mindset of problem-solving.

Smart India Hackathon-2019 is a sequel and comes as a third edition to the Smart India Hackathon 2017 and 2018. The basic idea of SIH2019 is to unleash the creative energy of our young brigade and encourage them to think out of the box.  It includes participants from 6000+ institutions and more than 50 lakh students are bound to join the fest.

The USP of SIH2019 is to create world-class solutions to the problems infesting the private sector organizations, NGOs and union ministries. This fest would allow best minds to come up with cutting-edge solutions. SIH2019 just like its prequel consists of 2 sub-editions –Software Editions (a 36-hour software product development competition) and Hardware edition (a 5-day long hardware product development contest). The last date for submission of ideas is January 20th 2019.

One can download the SIH app from Google Play and register for the competition. Only a team leader is allowed to register for his team. All the members of a team need to be from the same college. The team can, however, be formed between different departments or faculties of the same college. The team must comprise of 6 members including the team leader. Participation by one female member is mandatory.  The team members need to well versed with programming skills. Also, colleges must issue authority letter in college letterhead for each team.  Teams should come up with innovative names and should not contain the name of the institute.

An evaluation would be on the basis of novelty, clarity, feasibility, sustainability, innovation, and user experience of ideas.  The best ideas will be awarded on the basis of complexity and their feasibility. On the basis of complexity of problems, prize money varies between a cash reward of INR 50000, INR 75000, and INR 100000.

Give wings to your innovations at ‘Smart India Hackathon -2019’….A marathon of ideas.

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