Stewardship Towards Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability and Capacity Building are two irreversible and major thrust areas for Education system throughout the world. Role of Universities in education is instrumental in the sustainability movement and higher education has made many valuable contributions to society and development, and is recognized for the important role it has in improving livelihoods worldwide with a key component of sustainable development. Now, environmental education has been identified as an asset for sustainable development as it has been shown to aid in development aspects later in life and also positively influence the management of the world’s increasingly stressed natural resources through the incorporation of successful techniques.

As there has been a major disconnect between raising awareness about the environment and taking action to reduce environmental degradation, higher education has to play a major role to fill the gap by providing quality education and research which is vital if conservation and sustainable development strategies are to succeed. We have observed a major shift in our worldview from seeing the environment as resources to be exploited to seeing it as life’s supporting structure that needs our stewardship. The thousands of dedicated professionals ranging from scientists and engineers to businesspeople, lawyers and public servants who are aware of the environmental problems are making outstanding efforts to bring about solutions. It is worth mentioning here the project “Ice Stupa” taken up by Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, Rolex awardee who helps in sustaining water in Cold desert of ladakh.

 Higher education stewards in shaping an ecologically sound society and focusing their talents and training on environmental issues or hazards. Indeed, it’s difficult to think of sustainability without the involvement of professionals who are directed toward promoting solutions and skills in this aspect. Now higher education is viewed as an unalloyed good form of education within the fields of environmental conservation and sustainable development and which should be improved bottom-up and linked to environment needs with clear goals and content for sustainable development.

– Dr. Archana Chaudhary
Associate Professor
Department of Environmental Science

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