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The Corporate Resource Center (CRC) at SGT University plays an important role in shaping the careers of students from their induction, orientation, summer internships, mid-term projects, right to their final placements. CRC undertakes various academic and non-academic initiatives so that students are well equipped to meet varied industry requirements. The CRC networks with the university’s alumni to support them by updating on better career opportunities and navigates for them through its vast network of industry contacts. Constantly managing the Corporate – University interface is an important responsibility of this Centre. Besides its core objective of Placements and Internships for the students, CRC is engaged in a host of support functions, meant to bring about continuous improvement in student activities. The Corporate Resource Center plays a vital role in bringing the industry and academia close to each other by providing Career Counseling, need-based education, and organization support…

CRC acts as an interface between the students, faculty and the corporate world to initiate continuous interaction with the industry, sharing industry experiences, and understanding the needs of the corporate world. CRC at SGT University has been regularly inviting heads of leading companies to the campus, who share their insights into the latest issues concerning the economy to stimulate and enhance the intellectual climate. The department organizes activities and workshops that enable students to be effective team leaders as well as team players. This department is operated with twin-fold focus, i.e. augmenting internal competencies by fostering contemporary grooming of students and by enabling the industry to identify and absorb intellectuals with requisite technical & managerial skills.

Pre – Placement Talk offers the corporate world an opportunity to interact with the students and to know their prospective recruits better, both for the summer and final placements. Organizations make presentations that are vital in providing the students with information about the organization and career prospects in which typical student’s concerns like a job description, selection criteria, industry culture, remuneration package, the scope for growth, cross-functional exposure are answered. Summer Internship Programme constitutes an integral part of the curriculum and is valued for its relevance in modern-day education. Final Placement Process commences from the month of October every year. The Industry has sought and utilized the intellectual capital of SGT University by participating in the final placement process. The real proof of the quality and effectiveness of any institution lies in the acceptance of its graduates in the industry. Thus the placement of the graduating batch marks the culmination of the academic rigor at SGT University. The budding professionals are absorbed by the MNCs, Indian Giants, and Public Sector firms, from SGT University Campus.

The changing paradigms have made mandatory for an academic institution to foster a new breed of professionals – individuals equipped with the right kind of knowledge, technical skills, ability to think out of the box and innovative. The industry expectations have gone higher and only those survive and sustain who have the right attitude & skills to accept challenges and increase the performance ladder each day. Hard work is no more the key to success alone but individuals are expected to work smarter and consistent without failure. The overarching objective of CRC at SGT University has been the creation of knowledge, influencing skills, and integrating them globally. Every SGTian is provided with a highly professional environment of learning from the very first day. The university places special emphasis on inculcating corporate values and skills required for complex decision-making, besides developing superior expertise on functional domains and garnering business knowledge.

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