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Collaboration is a very valuable tool that not only accelerates the progress but also enhances the quality of the work and extends the repertoire of the partners. Academic collaboration is beneficial to the faculty in learning new teaching tools, and to the students in increasing the breadth of their knowledge and learning different approaches to solving a problem.

In the Fashion world, Designers depend and survive on their extensive collaborations with colleagues. Sharing specialized reagents, techniques, and expertise is the engine that speeds up their projects, and gives life to new ideas and scientific breakthroughs. The presence of established channels that allow effective communication, stable partnerships, and large networks between academics enables the flow of critical information among them. Such networking and cooperation are extremely valuable for sharing information on new approaches and resources but also acquiring specialized and new expertise.

SGT University, Faculty of Fashion & Design Department is poised to be a leading institute offering its students an ideal combination of fashion professionals for corporate and academic excellence. We are constantly working towards our mission of delivering quality education and generating new budding fashion professionals.

SGT University, Faculty of Fashion & Design Department has collaborated with the Professional Bodies, National /International Tie-ups/MOUs, etc, to provide Students learning & faculty exchange programs to our students with various established courses in the field of fashion design and fashion management.

National & International Collaboration

  • FDCI- (Fashion Design Council of India) Membership.
  • Faculty of Fashion & Design had done International MOU with the Academy of Art-Sofia, Bulgaria.
  • TAI [Textile Association Of India]

Industry Connect

Students have done industrial training & placement in the different Export Houses, well

  • NITRA (Linked with Ministry of Textile Govt. of India), Ghaziabad, U.P
  • Blackberry
  • ORANGE SOURCING (Buying House)
  • TEN & CO, SOURCING (Buying House)
  • Orient craft Limited
  • Hypnotic Clothing (manufacturer)
  • DPI Fashions (P) Ltd. (manufacturer and Exporter)
  • Mercury Fabrics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Virk India, Chandra Garments, etc.
  • Kazari Apparels Pvt. Ltd.
  • Vijay Design Inspirations. Pvt. Ltd.
  • Richa & Co.
  • Concept Clothing.
  • AMS Auric, I.D. International.
  • Ambuja Accessorize & Clothing,
  • C. Apparels, Matrix clothing Pvt. Ltd.
  • Click Clothing Company Pvt. Ltd.
  • Jain Textile industries
  • Unique Collection (manufacturer and Exporter)

Meaningful collaboration promotes the building of peer relationships, fosters peer interactions, and by involving students in different discussions, it enables them to understand different perspectives, and to give and receive feedback. During these collaborations, students not only become more skilled at working with their peers but also working with other adults besides their teacher, while developing their online presence and being responsible in the use of digital tools for learning.


  • Develop the skills one needs to adapt to the constantly changing global market
  • Develop international networking
  • Creating opportunities for students to work on collaborative projects
  • Develop and widen understanding of similarities and differences between different cultures
  • Develop personal competitiveness for future career development by gaining new perspectives
  • Diversification of educational delivery mode
  • To develop social and cross-cultural sensitivity and translate them into fashion projects


  • Focus on the style sector of fashion
  • Discover the Italian taste of fashion visiting selected shops and manufacturing laboratories
  • Living this experience in Milan will allow students to clearly understand how Italians feel fashion
  • One – to – one teaching method to follow each student step by step
  • Get in touch with an international reality in the fashion sector
  • Analyze different styles and trends in order to increase professional knowledge and gain abilities to create special projects

Jyoti Banerjee
Assistant Professor
SGT University

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