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Faculty of Fashion & Design Corporate Grooming Session

Corporate grooming session (CGS) is a program started for the growth of students where they will be groomed and trained according to the corporate culture and industry. This schedule is beyond the curriculum where every faculty member takes a CGS session individually according to their forte area. There will be one topic for each session. The slot for CGS is fixed on every Saturday from 10 am – 1 pm, is a fashion designer, we always engage ourselves in the fashion shows where we showcase the designed garment only. So, we need to provide them the knowledge about other things also which are related to fashion only.

In the first session, we chose hairstyling as students have a huge interest in it. The basics of hairstyling were taught and the students were guided about the looks to be carried during the fashion show and work in the hairstyling. They were taught how to do the self-straightening, curling, braiding, and how to put clips. They learned the usage of different types of spray and how they bring the effect on hair while doing the hairdo.

Simultaneously, the students need to know about the basics of make-up as well, since, hairstyling isn’t enough to complete the look. Make-up is an essential part of fashion as, without it, the entire look is incomplete. The student must know about the basics of makeup like which look to put on with a particular type of garment. To implement this, they must know how to develop the base for the makeup and how to apply the basic eye shadow and lip shades. It is begun with learning how to use the moisturizer, primer, and concealing on the face. They would do the makeup on other’s faces such as models and learn about which make up suits which type of face shape. The importance of different types of makeup is to enhance the different themes of the garment being showcased. Further, we will arrange the sessions where the students will learn about making the fashion accessories and understand the desired type of accessories according to the suitability of the garment their way of manufacturing techniques.

In addition to the bodily attributes, the students need to improve their communication skills also. It is the main requirement for a candidate to be able to communicate professionally as it adds value to their knowledge. The next step after studies for a student is to face the industrial interview for which they need to have a good vocabulary to match the market standards. The students need to improve their general knowledge about the different brands. So, a session could be done focusing on communication skills. Further, a session would be done where the students would be taught how to crack the interview and how to deliver the speech. It is very important because the selection in a firm is based not only on the knowledge of the field but also on how the candidate has performed in the interview so the fear of facing the interview will not be there and prepare the students for the desired questionnaire.

Later on, a session would be conducted on different categories of garments and their suitability according to the occasion. They will also be taught about how to dress up according to the body and face type, and how a particular garment can change the outlook of overall personality. Having the basic knowledge of it, they will understand how two categories of garments can be fused together to bring out a different style. Henceforth, they will improve their styling techniques also. It is beneficial for the students in many ways as styling will enable them to understand the better way of using lifestyle products and the garments together. The students can choose it as a career ahead and become a stylist. The industry needs stylists as much as it needs the designers.

After so many indoor sessions, there comes up a requirement of the outdoor sessions. For this, we can choose fashion photography and street fashion photography is a huge part of fashion photography. We will take the students to the street view such as Connaught Place in Delhi which is historical and still modernized where they will learn street photography. The technicality such as the right angle, the light exposure, and the tools required in street photography will be made understood. They will learn how it is different from studio photography.

Many more session goes under the CSG such as live sketching, surface texture development, etc. This type of experience is a must for the students for better grooming where they learn the feasibility and effective knowledge on how to perform work and get a hands-on experience practically.

Dinkar Kumawat
Assistant Professor
SGT University

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