Mehandi making competitions

Why Celebrations Matter in the Life of a Student?

‘Life is a festival only to the wise’….hence goes the saying. We all would agree that festival and celebrations play a big role in bringing respite to our otherwise monotonous routine. Entertainment and leisure are in fact an essential part of life and without them, it would not be wrong to say, life ceases to exist. Keeping the aforesaid sentiments in mind, SGT University has always believed in bringing juvenility and joy in the life of students through cultural and academic festivals as well as through periodic excursions and trips.

SGT University is renowned for its academic and technical fests such as Aura, Synergy, Symphonious etc. Here, in these events, the students come along with their innovations and ideas. This helps in boosting creative talents of the students. Synergy is a big event where several school and college students across NCR, present their projects. This event carries prize money worth 3 lakh and students showcasing best projects are rewarded for their efforts. Nukkad Nataks, Robo competitions, Drone competitions and Project innovations are some of the competitions that are held in this fest.

Apart from the academic events, various cultural fests are also organised from time to time within the campus. The three major fests worth mentioning are Holi fests, Diwali fest and Basant Utsav. Holi fests and Diwali fests are big affairs where the students showcase their talent on stage. Various competitions are held to commemorate these events, such as Rangoli competitions, Mehandi making competitions, etc. Students dance, sing and perform on the stage on various classical and modern playlists. Skits, and ballets, are enacted and various social issues such as female discrimination, importance of safe Holi, clean and green environment, etc. are addressed through them.

Another cultural event that is equally interesting is Basant Utsav- a flower show. In this, flowers of different species, colors, shape and type are showcased in order to celebrate the onset on Spring season. As the name is evident, this festival is held in the month of March and is organised mainly by the Faculty of Agriculture. SGTians never lead a dull life. For them life is a big festival. As students in SGT University, they realize that work and play, both are important aspects of life and go hand in hand.

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