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Let’s Learn To Coexist – SGT University

It would not be an exaggeration to say that for ages, the most important thing for humans has been human himself. All the other things in this universe have assumed secondary status for us. Even Mother Nature who inhabits all the living and non-living creatures including humans have found an ancillary status in the anthropocentric philosophy. It seems that the brunt of COVID-19 faced by the world is the manner of nature to make us realize that we, humans have made the biggest mistake of thinking ourselves to be too powerful; to be the master of this earth.

These days social media, T.V channels, newspapers, etc. are flooded with the photos, videos, and news of wild animals roving the streets, birds that were rarely seen in the past few decades are fluttering in the sky and aquatic animals coming on shores. The smoggy cities are now seeing clear skies and witnessing the twinkling of bright stars which had become a forgotten thing. These images and news are getting huge ‘likes’ and ‘shares’. The suspension of hunting in various countries, freeing up crowdie streets, unimaginable reduction of noise in the air, clean and pure air indicate a convivial season for other living creatures on the planet Earth.

One thing has become very clear that we all like and love to live in the lap of nature but we have forgotten the art of coexistence. We the children of Mother Nature are not able to live together with the other children of nature. We have caused irreparable damages not only to the habitat of all other creatures on the Earth but also inevitably ravished our own home.

Coexistence is the basic essence of living. One cannot survive in isolation. All the living, non- living creatures are tied together for their subsistence. In our modern and luxurious lifestyle, we have lost the fundamental understanding that this nature does not belong to us only. In fact, every natural thing that we see ought to have an equal right to enjoy its space in this world. This unprecedented period of humans being locked down in homes and animals on the street is loudly and clearly giving the message that we need to learn to live together with other creatures on Earth.

We assume on our self the responsibility of protecting nature only because we have been consistently destroying it. No other animal or bird attempts to preserve nature. The reason is simply that they never commit the foolishness of destructing their own habitat. The human-centric approach which considers that only humans are of intrinsic value and all other aspects of the environment are just to assist the subsistence of humanity has already done great harm. Now nature is reclaiming itself, communicating to us that we are not the masters, but only the beneficiaries like other beings and we need to decide our limits so that every being can live peacefully together on this beautiful planet.

Sooner we understand and learn the art of coexistence, there are more chances to preserve the human race else nature will find its way to renounce.

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