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An Open House Discussion on Criminalising Marital Rape at the Faculty of Law, SGT University

An Open House Discussion on ‘Criminalising Marital Rape in India’ was organized by‘Legal Manthan’ – An Academic Association of the Students of the Faculty of Law, SGT University on 17th January at the Seminar Hall of the Faculty of Law. Three student panelists from the Faculty of Law presented their papers focusing upon the merits and demerits of criminalizing marital rape. One of the panelists pointed out that the various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) discuss the protection of women against crimes. Still, the crime against women has been increasing as pointed out by the National Crime Record Bureau recently. Further, it was argued that though marital rape is on the rise in our country,   it is not yet criminalized, because of various socio-legal reasons. The papers of the panelists were well received and provoked an intense discussion among the audience which included students and the faculty members. As marital rape is a contentious issue, it was a delight to see the active participation of the students.  The students debated for and against criminalizing marital rape. The pros and cons of the issue were deeply analyzed.

Further, the discussion brought to the fore the procedural lapses and the existing legal ambiguities. It was argued that there should be some legal remedies available to the victims of marital rape. At the same time, men should not become scapegoats because of the criminalization of marital rape. The audience suggested the various guidelines for strengthening the criminalization of marital rape. The probing questions of the students enriched the discussion as well as enhanced knowledge on the chosen theme. It was not only an informative and insightful discussion but also sensitized the students of the Faculty of Law on marital rape. It was well attended by the students and the faculty members respectively. No doubt, it was a candid and engaging discussion by the audience. Given the constructive discussion and interests shown by the students, we have planned open house discussions on contemporary socio-legal issues every fortnight at the Faculty of Law.

Inputs from
Prof.(Dr.)Manjula Batra
Faculty of Law.
SGT University

Dr.Mahalingam M
Associate Professor
Faculty of Law
SGT University

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Creative Careers for Creative People

For many creative people, true happiness means finding the perfect career to go along with their artistic personality. Here is a list of few creative careers that can help you at least trim down your options. Hopefully, one or two careers will tickle your fancy and help you make a decision for your future.

Journalism and Mass Communication

These courses offer students a peep into the complex world of media enveloping content writing, reporting, editing, film, public relations, and advertising. Leading colleges offers industry-based internships where you can experience the maddening, live-wire world of media and decide if it’s for you. Many students go on to do PG courses after some years of working whereas others go on to management courses— often re-entering media on the business side.

Fashion Designing

Fashion is all about being on trend or setting trends yourself, so it is necessary that fashion designers should have the creativity to come up with fresh new designs that will catch people’s eye and appeal to the target market.

They must have an eye for shape, style, and colors that work well together and make a statement. For each product, the designer must choose a fabric, color, and pattern that has the most aesthetic appeal.


The word “Photography” instantly kindles many thoughts. Anyone can intercept the real meaning of a subject through a picture, rather than detailing it in one thousand words. A Photograph not only describes the object but also depicts many more things related to it, as the artistic talent of the Photographer, who clicked it; the timing sense and spontaneous creativity bubbling from within.

With the ever-increasing competition in the field of photography, it is essential that you have your own unique style and skills. Enrolling yourself in a photography course is one of the best ways to explore your passion for photography and simultaneously learn new skills.

Makeup Artist

Makeup Artist is the one who has the ability to transform anyone’s looks and make them look just like a superstar. Makeup artists transform a person’s appearance totally by making use of make-up, paint, wigs, and other accessories.

As a make-up artist, you might find work in many different environments from film and theater sets, live performances, and live shows or too many other small-scale events like weddings or other such family functions. You can work independently or you can work as a part of a team in fashion, entertainment, cosmetic service, and other such industries.

Video Editor

Video editors are the actual warriors that bring all the scenes together and forms a larger picture of what is shot in bits and create something beautiful from scratch. However, If you seriously want to excel in this field get your command on technicalities and details of the video editing software that is available in the Industry.

Video Editing, is an interesting career for creative people in the media and entertainment industry like you. The whole process of making art, aesthetic in the visual media, lies in the technique of editing. If you have that passion and creativity then there’s no one stopping you.

Audio Engineer

Audio Engineer/Technician is one who ensures great sound quality. He/she works with producers and artists to determine and create the desired sound. The job involves working on the technical aspects of recording, which includes setting up audio recording devices, mixing and editing different sounds from multiple audio sources using mixing boards, testing and making essential changes on recording equipment, creating copies of the recordings in other formats, and keeping backup copies.

Audio Engineers are also in charge of setting up audio devices, doing sound checks, and sound mixing of audio (including speech and music) outside the studio, such as for music concerts, theaters, sports arenas, lecture halls, churches, and corporate events.

Graphic Designer

Graphic design is a good career choice to opt for especially for creative ones. Graphic design is not a career for everyone. These jobs require a thick skin, great communication, intelligence, intuition, creativity, and technical skill. They just don’t make things pretty or sit around and color all day, they truly give a face to your business, a feel to your web page whether sentimental or business.

These are just a glimpse of the many roles suitable for creative people like you. If you’re interested in enhancing your skills in fashion design, journalism, photography, video editor or makeup artist, etc., we offer many courses that can help you take the first step.

Harjeet Singh Kukreja
Asstt. Professor
SGT University

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Is a Mass Communication Degree Worth the Time and Investment?

Mass communication has become a trending course in recent times. Those willing to pursue it, here are some pointers suggesting the benefits of doing a mass communication course:-

  • Feasible Course

Mass communication and mass media course are a feasible one. Nowadays, most companies want a person who has technical know-how. A degree in mass communication makes a person acquainted with all the trends of media studies and communication.

  • A large Number of Options

This is one course where a person can choose from a large number of options. He/she can research stories and opt from a large number of course modules.

  • Social Interaction

Mass communication is one degree where one has to interact with people a lot. One is writing about people, studying people, interviewing people, etc. It definitely makes you socially interactive.

  • International Perspective

The world is becoming global day by day. A degree in mass communication makes a person study global trends and gain an international perspective.

  • Multicultural Atmosphere

Gaining a degree in mass communication allows one to travel. The mass communication student can also interact with students from other cultures. This gives the person a better exposure and insight.

  • No Prior Experience Required

In order to get a degree in mass communication, a person doesn’t need to gain any kind of experience beforehand. The student does not need a very high score, having a reasonable overall score is enough.

  • Combined Courses

Mass communication is an umbrella term. One can pursue different mass communication courses or a combination of different courses. From advertising to journalism to public relations, the scopes are vast. If a person pursues the course well, he/she can work in a publishing house, news channels, production houses, radio channels, PR firms, etc.

The bottom-line is a mass communication and mass media course-wide number of scopes. A mass communication student has a huge number of options open before him/her. It gives the person a great exposure and makes the individual socially interactive.

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The Role Played by Private Universities in Dispersion of Education

Education comprises of three different aspects; elementary, secondary and higher. While elementary and secondary education is imparted at the school level, higher education is imparted at the university and college level.

Basically there are two types of education providers: public and private.  Private institutes have two types of funding that are government-aided or entirely self-funded. Public institutes are established and managed by the government. Private providers step in when the government has limited resources. Private sectors we know, operate on a profit motive, but when it comes to education private institutes operate not on a profit motive, but for the greater common good of imparting education.

Skeptics believe that private institutes lower the quality of education due to a lack of active regulatory oversight. Most people think that they levy high fees on students. While others believe that private institutes improve the quality of education due to the presence of increased competition in the market.

There are various private Universities operating in Delhi NCR region and throughout the country.  Here’s a brief analysis of why they are good centers for dispersal of education and why the public can rely upon them:-

Constitutional provisions

Education falls under the Constitution. This basically means that both center and state regulate education laws.  Determining the quality of education lies with the center. Further, states can regulate or wind up Universities


The main regulator of higher education is the United Grants Commission (UGC) and All India Council for technical education (AICTE). The professional courses are regulated by 15 professional councils.

Is it profit-driven?

The Supreme Court has interpreted that education is imparted for charitable purposes and not for profit motive. Therefore it is supernormal profits is not possible by providing education. If any kind of revenue surplus is generated by the private educational institutes, it is for educational development and expansion.


The bottom line is private institutes, have stepped in where the center has failed in providing education to the society. Though skeptics may differ, the education industry cannot solely work on the basis of profit. Private educational institutes, it would not be wrong to say, are in fact a boon for the society.

If you are searching for a good private university in Haryana and particularly in Delhi NCR region, then do consider SGT University- center for quality education.

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Horticulture Will Be The Key Development Factor For Jammu, Kashmir & Ladakh

In India, horticulture is growing very fast and contributing to the Indian economy with increasing exports of agriculture commodities. Horticulture is not only needed in the world but it is also a better career option for youth. Recently, Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs (CCEA), chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has extended PM’s development package (PMDP) for horticulture development in India’s new Union Territories of Jammu, Kashmir, and Ladakh. Under the Mission for Integrated Development of Horticulture, the committee has approved the extension of PMDP by three years up to March 31, 2022. The PMDP was approved in the year 2016 and its timeline ended on 31st March 2019. The Ministry of Agriculture and Farmers’ Welfare considered horticulture as a key factor that can contribute to the development of newly formed UTs. When we talk about Kashmir, the very first things that come to our mind are‘apple’ and ‘saffron’. The project will mainly focus on these signature crops including procurement of quality planting materials, improved rootstocks, and rejuvenation of old orchards. The extension of the package will help to generate employment opportunities for approximately 44 lakhs man-days. The horticulture growth will promote the establishment of grading, sorting, packaging units, cold storages, and fruit processing industries in the target area. The scheme is set to promote the latest technology for increasing per plant produce (PPP) by the adoption of a high-density planting system, improved plant training systems (espalier training system) and integrated nutrient management system. The government has allotted Rs. 500 crores under the scheme to these UTs for the establishment of horticulture driven development which also has approval for the establishment of solar or hybrid (electric & solar) operated cold storage facilities in Ladakh and Jammu. With the increase in crop production, the project will also increase tourism and transport development in these areas. The horticultural production surpassed total food grain production in 2015, since then it is achieving newer highs every year contributing to the nutritional and financial security of farmers and rural areas. India has unlimited capabilities in terms of Agri-climatic zones and crop biodiversity, the only step needed is to explore the opportunities and Indian government under the supervision of PM Narender Modi Ji, which has opened a new route in Ladakh, Kashmir, and Jammu.

Dr. Vinita Rajput

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Agricultural Sciences

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Why Graduation is Important?

Statistics prove that a large proportion of the population skips their graduation degree after completion of high school. Best universities in India show an admission report which presents a dismal picture. A graduation degree is vital because of various reasons:-

  1. More earnings: A person who gets a graduation degree is liable to get a better job and earn more. It’s obvious that a person, who is more educated, has a better sense of responsibility and hence qualified to get a better job than just a normal higher secondary pass out.
  2. Job satisfaction: A graduate has the technical know-how and it is but obvious that he will do the job well according to his knowledge and in turn enjoy his work. This enhances the job satisfaction of the individual.
  3. Health-conscious: A learned person is aware of his health and knows that what steps need to be taken to live a healthy life. He is conscious of his health and leads a long life.
  4. Responsible citizen: A graduate is aware of his rights and knows about his responsibilities. He is a citizen who is responsible and a better human being.
  5. A professional relationship: A person who has a bachelor’s degree maintains a good professional network. He knows whom to approach for work and maintain a good cordial relationship with.
  6. Higher goals: A person with a graduation degree sets higher goals. He dreams big and endeavors to achieve his objectives.
  7. Financial security: A person with a bachelor’s degree knows how to earn to best of his potential and where to invest. This offers him financial security in life.

The bottom-line is a person who is more educated, is liable to get a better job and earn more. He/she is aware of his rights and a better citizen. He/she knows the fundamentals of investment and savings and is financially secure. The person lives a more fulfilled life.

If one is looking at top private universities in Delhi NCR, then one can consider SGT University which is renowned for its quality education.

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SGT University’s Faculty of Commerce and Management: Contributing to a Prosperous Economy

We all are aware that commerce and management of any country are an important determinant of its growth. It’s evident in order to cater to the high needs of professionals in the corporate sector, there needs to be an educational structure that works in this direction arduously. SGT University’s Faculty of Commerce and Management is a step in this direction.

SGT University’s Faculty of Commerce and Management came into existence with effect from academic session 2013-14. The courses that were introduced were B.Com. (Pass), B.Com. (Hons.), B.B.A. and B.B.A. (Hospital Administration) and M. Com., M.B.A., and B.B.A. – M.B.A. (Integrated) in the year 2014. The faculty is expanding and incorporating new courses, namely PGDM (e-Commerce) & MBA ( Hospital Administration).

The students pursuing these courses have a number of avenues opened for them. They can seek a career in banks, insurance companies, educational institutions, business houses, public sector, health service sector, etc.

The salient features which make SGT University the best university for commerce and management are as follows:-

  • Practical training is an inherent part of the Faculty of Commerce and Management. Hands-on experience of the industry-linked activities is given. This allows creating management professionals who possess working skills and knowledge which are feasible and in accordance with industry demands.
  • Experienced and highly qualified faculty is a high point of this industry. The teachers are masters in their craft who are well acquainted with the trends and the norms being followed in the industry.
  • Industry exposure is another highpoint of this faculty. Visits, expert talks, SIPs, Live Projects, and value-added certification make the courses opted by the students’ retrospective and highly educational in nature.
  • The classes are well equipped and have ultra-modern facilities. State of the art infrastructures makes learning an enjoyable experience.

In order to make the students’ industry-ready a Corporate Research Cell(CRC)  has been established which is engaged in increasing the student’s employability, improving their prospects of internship, career counseling and gap analysis and of course, higher and better job placements.

The aforesaid reasons make SGT University as the best University for Commerce & Management in Gurgaon. Students learn all the intricacies of management over here, which helps them, become top-notch professionals of the corporate world.

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SGT University’s Faculty of Dental Sciences: Quality is Our First Name

SGT University’s Faculty of Dental Sciences is renowned for its excellent dental care. It boasts of several departments and specializations.

SGT Dental College, Hospital & Research Institute, established in 2002, became the Faculty of Dental Sciences from the academic session 2013- 14.  It can easily be termed as the best medical university in Gurgaon. The University offers undergraduate (B.D.S.), postgraduate, (M.D.S in nine specialties) and Ph.D. programs in all branches of dental sciences.

Here’s a brief synopsis of various departments operating under SGT Dental College, Hospital & Research Institute –

  1. Prosthodontics– It is a dental specialty which deals with the diagnosis, treatment planning, rehabilitation, and maintenance of oral function, comfort, appearance and health of patients suffering from clinical conditions who are associated with missing or deficient teeth. It includes the specialty of implant, aesthetic and reconstructive dentistry.
  1. Orthodontics & Dentofacial Orthopaedics– This stream of dentistry treats the face as a whole. The department has state of the art equipment to treat, the cases of malocclusions. The department boasts of cephalometric software(Nemoceph) for a thorough diagnosis of an orthodontic patient.
  1. Oral Medicine & Radiology– The department of oral medicine and radiology is concerned with the diagnosis and optimum health care of patients along with non-surgical management.
  1. Periodontology– The department of periodontology offers a myriad of diagnoses and treatments for varieties of gum diseases.
  1. Conservative Dentistry & Endodontic – This is concerned with conservative dentistry which is at par with international standards.
  1. Pedodontics & Preventive Dentistry- This department is fully equipped for the training of BDS (undergraduates) & MDS (postgraduate) students with segregated UG and PG clinics.
  1. Public Health Dentistry- This department deals with more general dentistry at outreach levels and research on oral health care.
  1. Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery– Under this department oral and maxillofacial surgery are performed i.e. treatment from basic oral surgical procedures to advanced complex surgical procedures.
  1. Oral & Maxillofacial Pathology– This department deals with diagnostic procedures like cytology, histopathology and blood investigations and provides a comprehensive study of pathophysiology and behavior of the disease.

All the aforesaid departments under the ‘Faculty of Dental Sciences’ have state of the art infrastructure and cutting edge technology. SGT University has carved a name as the best university in Gurgaon and its Faculty of Dental Sciences facilitates quality dental and health care and its name is synonymous with quality and excellence in the field of dentistry.

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