Skill development mission

Community Service by Faculty of Fashion & Design – SGT University

The skill enhancement program brings the village people to the modern equipped laboratories at SGT University in which they can explore the various equipment for a better understanding of the specific topic. By outreaching to the laboratories of SGT University, community people could be able to understand the difference between the quality work which is only possible with the working on well-equipped equipment and machinery. In this manner, their lifestyle is uplift and fulfilling their basic needs wherever required.

Skill development mission has been established in 2018 by the faculty of fashion & Design of SGT University with an aim to empower women to take part in the economic and all-around the growth of the rural areas. The mission is a single point of contact within the university to formulate and steer skill development schemes across the department. SGT acts as an integrated mission that combines the efforts of various village women in achieving the skill development target of the state. The mission also has an entrepreneurship scheme which is currently being implemented through village women. Equipped with a team of professionals and cutting edge training teachers, course program is implemented with the vision of developing futuristic knowledge, skills, and hence gaining the employment or becoming a successful entrepreneur.

  • Short Term Training Course Guidelines

The Short Term Training course for village women of Budhera (District) imparted at Garment Construction Lab in Faculty of Fashion & Design is expected to benefit candidates of the village who are either school/college dropouts or unemployed. Apart from providing training according to the Skills Qualification Framework shall also impart training in Entrepreneurship. Duration of the training time various assignments given to the students for successful competition and candidates shall be provided complete instruction of course by training teacher. Under the entire training time, all the equipment and tools are provided by the Department. They have to pay only registration fee 250 Rupees for the entire course. The time duration of the short term training course is 3 months and the classes conducted for 2 Hours in 2 Days of a week that is on Thursday and Friday. The course will provide the syllabus in which is covered in 3 Months by training teacher.

SGT, University is having the thought process to support the village area. In this regard, SGT is facilitating the females of nearby communities of Budhera (district) to learn the Skill on embroidery, Surface Ornamentation, Construction, Patternmaking, etc. This skill enhancement program provides the females to understand the new kind of techniques which would lead their lifestyle into employability. The dissemination of knowledge to the community females regarding various types of stitches used in embroidery along with information on the type of fabric to be used for specific embroidery i.e. fabric identification empowered them to create products such as a handkerchief. Various orders were also assured for the application of given knowledge so that they can apply it on a variety of products such as garments like Kurti, blouse, lengha, western dresses,  men’s wear garments, and the lifestyle products for their home.

The trained females could be able to earn the money and resultantly support their family financially. In this way, their self-confidence will definitely boost up, and later on, they could be able to sell their products.

  • Objectives of the course

The objective of this course is to encourage and promote skill development for the women throughout the village by aligning itself with the common norms guidelines. The scheme also needs to be aligned to complement the missions of the university. Specifically, the course aims to enable and mobilize a large number of females to take up industry designed quality skill training, become employable, and earn their livelihood. Increase productivity of the existing workforce, and align skill training with the actual needs of the village women. Encourage standardization of the Certification process and put in place the foundation for creating a registry of skills.

  • Enrollments, Training, and Curriculum

Training would be imparted as per the skill development qualification framework. It is mandatory for the candidates to have an Aadhaar ID during the enrollment process. The candidates must fill their all personal details in the given registration form by the university. The model curriculum and content for the respective qualification packs and the training hours will be as per the qualification file approved under university norms. It is mandatory for the candidates to maintain 70% attendance to be eligible to appear in the assessments. As per the approved model curriculum, candidates would also undergo entrepreneurship and financial literacy modules during their training. The system of recording the candidate’s attendance through the attendance register system would be made mandatory. All candidates have to be provided the course curriculum booklet along with the Induction kit.

Ms. Geetanjali Solanki
Academic Associate
SGT University

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