Take Care of your Kidneys

Take Care of your Kidneys

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Take Care of your Kidneys 

Renal failure is defined as deterioration of kidney functions. The main functions of kidneys are to excrete excess salts or ions, waste material of metabolic reactions and to maintain the balance of fluid and ions in the body. The various factors responsible for the loss of kidney functions include infections, tumor, physical or chemical damage or even medicines. When the kidney functions decrease to 10% of the normal then the situation of kidney failure may occur. The signs and symptoms of kidney failure include nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, fatigue and weakness, sleep problems, Decreased mental alertness, muscle cramps, itching, shortness of breath, high blood pressure. Diabetes Mellitus is one of the main reasons for chronic renal failure specially when the patient is suffering from DM from the last 20 yrs or so and the blood sugar level is uncontrolled. Hypertension is also responsible for chronic renal failure and vice versa. The main aim of renal failure patient should be to prevent the further progression of the disease by keeping a check on the diet. Do not add salt to your food when cooking or eating, Choose fresh vegetables, Avoid processed meats, sausages etc.  Eat lower potassium foods such as apples, grapes, onions, lettuce etc. A renal disease patient should avoid high potassium foods such as avocados, oranges, banana, spinach, potato, beans, brown rice and tomato. Water is essential component of our body. We cannot live without but a renal disease patient also needs to check on fluid consumption as well because the kidneys cannot excrete excess fluid out of the body. At times, you may still feel thirsty. To help quench your thirst, you might try to chew gum, rinse your mouth, and suck on a piece of ice, mints or hard candy. At the last the renal failure patient should consult the physician before making any change in the diet or drug.


Ms Sushma Maratha

Assistant Professor

Sgt College of Pharmacy

Sgt University


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