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The Ultimate Guide to Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology at SGT University

The Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology course is aimed at providing holistic knowledge, on a theoretical as well as a practical level, to the students.

SGT (Shree Guru Gobind Singh Tricentenary) University, Gurugram, spreads over 70 acres of lush green campus enveloped with serene beauty and environment. It is one of the world’s top-class education technologies in the globe striving towards excellence in teaching, training, and Research by promoting quality and inclusive education compatible with global standards.

SGT University is ranked amongst the topmost universities in India and offers an extensive range of courses from Undergraduate to Ph.D. level in the following faculties:  Faculty of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Behavioral Sciences,  Faculty of Dental Sciences, Faculty of Indian Medical System, Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences, Faculty of Nursing, SGT College of Pharmacy, Faculty of Physiotherapy, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, Faculty of Commerce and Management, Faculty of Education, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Faculty of Fashion & Design, Faculty of Hotel & Tourism Management, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Mass Comm. & Media Technology, Faculty of Sciences.

The Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology course is aimed at providing holistic knowledge, on a theoretical as well as a practical level, to the students. Our extensive course is evenly-balanced and carefully curated to offer comprehensive fundamental training in different fields of Journalism & Mass Communication – Print Journalism, Television and Radio Production, Advertising and Public Relations, Event Management, Film Studies and many more. We try to apply the skills of our students in image building, different styles of writing, editing and working with layout software, audio-video editing techniques, Internet Radio for our future RJs, etc.

The program delivery is tailored to meet the needs of different fields of Media. It comprises a good mix of formal lectures, seminars, computer-based learning, individual and group project work, guest lectures and industry training. The focus of the program is to nurture socially responsible media professionals, backed with the latest inputs from industry, well-trained faculty along with state-of-the-art infrastructure.

SGT University has a democratic approach in administration and management. Here, the students not only get the chance to experience the good facilities but we also help to explore their minds in different fields. Every moment that the students spend in the University, it helps them in shaping their bright future and developing the ultimate skillset. We understand that going to university is life-changing, and at SGT we aim to provide a first-class experience for students.

Our main strength is in our advanced facilities, combined with the guidance of our expert faculties who can help turn your raw talent and enthusiasm into the specific skills and knowledge needed to succeed in your chosen career and to meet life’s challenges head-on.

Central to SGT University’s commitment to education is a “hands-on” approach. Almost every course specialty is categorized, and departments are subdivided into units. Each of the courses has particular expertise in specific areas as well as providing services of a more general nature.

The philosophy that inspires SGT University is to bring to the students the small wonders of existence, the desire for discovery and the will power to come out as a winner. It is not as much what is ‘poured’ into the student but what is ‘planted’ that really counts and makes the ‘difference’ that an SGTIAN will ultimately be distinguished for.

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