transport facility

The SGT University is located in the NCR of Delhi which is less than 5 km from Delhi Daurala border and about 18 km from IGI Airport. SGT University has a good connectivity and convenient access. The University has also deployed a fleet of buses for the convenience of students and faculty to commute from almost all areas in Delhi. Signboards depicting the academic courses being offered in SGT University have been put up on all major routes and roads leading to SGT thus providing a roadmap to reach SGT University from anywhere in NCR without any hardship.


Route No.Route Name Vehicle No. Driver Name Ph. No.Starting TimeRoute AC/Non AC
10Rewari Bus Stand HR55U 4778Ramakant97179370867:00AMNon AC
11Rohtak Bus StandHR55U 3145Jitender98126357756:55AMNon AC
12Sohna Bus StandHR55AE 3138Chhotu Ram93542489757:10AMNon AC
13Sec-56 GurugramHR55AC 8746Gajender84474003267:20AMNon AC
14 lajpat NagarHR55AG 5565Mukesh Chander8813804291/83838581487:05AMAC
15 INAHR55AN3104Ved Pal9992751400 6:50AMAC
16 Sagar purHR55AG 6295Sompal 80599367007:00AMAC
17Karol Bag Metro Stn.HR55AG 7514Surrender III9315858504 6:55AMAC
18Rohini Sec-16HR55AH8330Mahender Singh87459366266:45AMAC
19Azad purHR55AH8516Chander Singh74520362357:00AMAC
20Bahadurgarh Omex cityHR55AB 5187Deepak9518127909/98125689427:25AMNon AC
21Dharuhera / IMT Chowk HR55U 6581 Amit 96714700597:10AMNon AC
22 Dwarka Sec-3HR55Y4843Mukesh86858331347:05AMNon AC
23 Batra HospitalHR55Y4589Rajesh Koshik9991131252 / 89010811006:50AMNon AC
24Goyla DairyHR55W 3418 Naresh Yadav 96545441977:20AMNon AC
25Mujeshar Metro Stn./FaridabadHR55AN5992Ashok96711991576:45AMAC
26Kosli Bus Stand/JhajjarHR55W8889Rakesh Kumar96250023266:50AMNon AC
27Sukhdev Vihar Metro Stn.HR55AH6003Anil98123616407:00AMAC
28Nirman Vihar/Laxmi Nagar Metro Stn.HR55AH3981Darwan Singh96505636776:55AMAC
29Bhora KalanHR55W3918Sandeep-lll90348427097:25AMNon AC
30Hari Nagar Ghanta GharHR55AN9830Radhey Shyam 9911025116 7:15AMAC
31Tikri BorderHR55AE2680Dinesh8447678496 7:05AMNon AC
32Sikanderpur Metro Stn.HR55AA 7107Mahipal83978891257:45AMNon AC
33ISBT Bus StandHR55AN3628Ashok96711991576:40AMAC
34Uttam Nagar East Metro Stn. HR55Y 2852Sandeep93507724017:15AMAC
35Manglapuri Mini Bus StandHR55Y 6350Rajesh99900964237:15AMAC
36Baprola/BakarwalaHR55AC 1207Baljeet9891627792 7:30AMNon AC
37Dwarka morHR55AB 0925Ravinder99912496777:45AMNon AC
38Metro Hospital Palam Vihar GurugramHR55T7240 Kamal Ram87501214178:00AMNon AC
39Aanand Farm Palam ViharHR55AC 9252Dinesh98130730887:50AMNon AC
40Jharoda Kalan HR55Y2027Baru Singh99924514387:40AMNon AC
41DLF Phase - l GurugramHR55AE 0694Anil97288086807:30AMNon AC
42Rupaiya Chowk RohtakHR55W 9781Yogesh76782200827:15AMNon AC
43Narela- Ram Dev ChowkHR55W0674Bhim Singh98124890116.50AMNon AC
44Nangli Metro Stn. / NajafgarhHR55V8885Anil-ll93063394807:33AMNon AC
45Panchgaon Chowk/IMTHR55AD2874Ravi 86078071757:40AMNon AC
46Shree Leather Sec-14 GurugramHR55AE 1792Rakesh - lll98126522477:50AMNon AC
47Sonipat Bus StandHR55W9370Joginder99919846747:05AMNon AC
48InchhapuriHR55V 4400Kedar Singh86504822157:30AMNon AC
49NSIT DwarkaHR55AG9536Rajesh-lll98129819777:25AMAC
50Vipin Garden/NajafgarhHR55AB 7155Karmbir70658252727:45AMNon AC
51Ghata VillageHR55V 4596Narender kumar90508554327:30AMNon AC
52Samalkha DelhiHR55W 0880Pardeep kumar99712862177:30AMNon AC
53Naya Gaon BahadurgarhHR55AE2806Manoj98961611977:45AMNon AC
54Sheetla Hospital GurugramHR55T 5934Jasbeer98136376408:00AMNon AC
55Rampura MorHR55T 8619Dharmender85109772697:55AMNon AC
56Double Fattak RewariHR55Y 8133Dinesh-III90501639587:15AMNon AC
57Chara Chungi- JhajjarHR55T 5972Bijender89201005067:45AMNon AC
58Sec-15 GurgaonHR55AB 4757Dinesh V97298080847:50AMNon AC


1. Objective

This Policy provides information about transport operations, transport charges, and the guidelines for availing transport services. The policy may be revised by the university from time to time or as and when required as per the circumstances arises due to influence in the market, without any prior information.

2. Short Title, Application, and Commencement

 (a) This Policy shall be called the “SGT University Transport Policy, 2022 for Students of the University”.

(b) This Policy shall supersede any transport operation guidelines or policy framed/approved earlier to this policy.

This Transport Policy shall come into force with effect from the date of its approval by the Board of Management or by the Vice Chancellor in anticipation of the approval of Board of Management by exercising the powers vested upon him by Statute 7 (iii) (c) of the First Statutes of the university.

3. Scope of the policy

The applicability of this Policy shall extend to all the students of the university.

4. Procedure for availing of the transport facility

(a) Use of Transport facility is optional and cannot be claimed as a right by any student.

(b) The student, who wants to avail the transport facility, will be required to submit a written request on the prescribed application form through their respective Student Section, as well as students’ need to apply for transport facility on ERP through their own log-in otherwise transport facility request will not be approved by the Transport Department.

(c) The application form for availing the transport facility shall be signed by the student and their Parents/Guardian. The original application form needs to be submitted to their respective Student Section.

(d) After verification of the details of the student, the Student Section will forward the application forms to the Transport Department.

(e) Transport Department will be responsible to cross verify the details i.e. Route Number and Destination and approve the transport request submitted by the students on ERP.

(f) After receiving the approval message on ERP for availing the transport facility, the students need to pay the requisite charges through ERP only. Approval from the transport manager, the transport fee should be deposited as prescribed by the university.

(g) Students who wish to discontinue the transport facility will be responsible to deposit their bus pass to the Transport Department immediately along with such request through ERP only otherwise the prescribed charges will be applicable till they submit their bus pass.

(h) Students will not be allowed to travel or change the assigned route without prior written permission otherwise disciplinary action will be However, the University reverse the rights to change the assigned route or merge the routes due to any administrative reasons.

(i) Any student found travelling in University Bus will be dealt severely and the case will be referred to the Disciplinary Committee for recommendation of the Disciplinary Action as per University rules.

(j) If any official of the University asks for the bus pass, student will be liable to show the same otherwise will be dealt severely and will be considered illegal travelling.

5. Transport Charges

(a) For payment of Transport Charges, the Academic Session will be considered from 01st August to 31st July of next year for annual mode programs and from 01st August to 31st January of next year for semester mode programs.

If any student joins the transport facility between 1 to 15th day of the month, full month charges will be applicable and if joins after 15th day of the month, half month charges will be applicable.

If any student secure admission after 01st August and joins the transport will be required to pay the fee from that particular month to 31st January or 31st July of next year as applicable.

(b) Partial transport charges will not be accepted by the University.

(c) Once paid, the transport charges will neither be refundable nor transferable in any any condition.

(d) The Transport Charges for the session 2022-23 will be effective from 01st August, 2022 will be as follows :







Up to 20 Kms


Up to 20 Kms


Up to 40 Kms


Up to 40 Kms


Up to 60 Kms


Up to 60 Kms


Up to 85 Kms


Up to 85 Kms


(e) The transport fee will be increased 10% every year.

(f) Fine/Penalty as applicable in case of any misconduct/travelling etc. will be as given in below table :



Act of Indiscipline

Fine/Penalty for Each Act of Indiscipline

Competent Authority to Take Action


Late transport fee submission

Rs. 100/- per day.

Transport Manager with the approval of the concerned Dean & Registrar Office


Changing of Bus without permission

Rs 1000/-

Transport Manager with the

approval of the concerned Dean.


Misuse of bus pass or fake bus pass (Student using another student bus


Rs 10000/- + 6 months transport fee charges as per previous record and transport services suspended + Legal action will be taken for forging

the university documents

Transport Manager with the approval of the concerned Dean & Registrar Office


Travelling with invalid bus pass, expired pass

or without a pass

Rs 1000/- + 6 months transport fee charges as per previous record

Transport Manager with the approval of the concerned Dean & Registrar Office


Use of drugs/alcohol in the Bus.

Rs 5000/- along with Legal action if deemed necessary

Transport Manager with the approval of the concerned Dean &

Registrar Office


Misconduct— uncivilized/ objectionable/ unwarranted behaviour/ causing disturbance to others in

the Bus.

Rs 5000/- along with Legal action if deemed necessary

Transport Manager with the approval of the concerned Dean & Registrar Office.


Fighting with or assault on another person in the


Rs 10000/- along with handing over to police and Legal action if deemed necessary

Transport Manager with the approval of the concerned Dean &

Registrar Office


Damage to Transport property

Rs 10000/- along with replacement of the damaged item(s) along with installation/ service


Transport Manager with the approval of the concerned Dean.

6.  Transport Bus Pass/ ID Card

(a) Till the issue of the Bus Pass by the Student Section, students must carry their receipt of the transport charges which will be valid for a period of seven days from the payment otherwise students will be charged fine of 200/- per day.

(b) After verification of all the details of the students, the Transport Department will print the Bus Passes and forward to the concerned Student Section.

(c) Student Section will be responsible to contact the students and issue their bus pass well within the the time.

(d) Student is not allowed to board the bus without valid bus pass.

(e) It is mandatory for students to carry their bus pass while utilizing the transport facilities of the University. Furthermore, they must produce the same when requested so by the concerned authorities, failing to do so will incur a fine as per University rules.

(f) Students will be responsible to apply for renewal through ERP only before 7 days from the expiry date, otherwise they will not be permitted to board the

(g) Bus pass cannot be transferred from one person to another. The bus pass owner must be the sole user of the pass. Transferring or sharing of a pass is If such activity occurs, transport facility of both participating parties’ will be discontinued with fine as per transport policy.

(h) In case of loss or damage of bus pass issued by the University, student must report the matter in writing to Transport Department through their respective Student In this case, the duplicate bus pass will be issued on payment of Rs. 200/-.

7. General Rules

(a) Transport facility is provided on the first come first serve basis to those students who agree to abide by the transport rules of the institutions. The student who wishes to avail this facility is required to pay the transport fee as prescribed by the University.

(b) All Instructions, including the maintenance of discipline is a prerequisite for availing the transport service of the University.

(c) Eatables/Cold drinks are not allowed in the bus.

(d) Disciplinary action will be taken in case of any kind of obscene activities in the bus.

(e) Misbehaviour of any kind with the driver, conductor and transport staff will not be tolerated.

(f) Student(s) should board the transport vehicle from the assigned boarding point/location No student will be allowed to board or alight other than the allotted boarding point(s)/location(s).

(g) Buses will stop only at designated No request will be considered for inter mediatory stoppage.

(h) Routes and boarding points are indicative and are subject to change based on circumstances.

(i) Transport users must reach at their respective stops at least 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the stop. Buses will run at the scheduled time except in case of traffic/technical problems. The normal timings for the University bus are as follows:

    • Arrival in University campus: 08:50 m.
    • Departure from University campus: 04:10 m.

(j)  The University reserves the right to withdraw or change the allotted transport vehicle as deemed appropriate. In case of any breakdown of buses due to mechanical fault or any other reason, no reimbursement /compensation shall be paid.

(k) For Maintaining the security, the University reserves the rights to inspect the personal belonging(s) of the student(s) during transit or otherwise in or outside the University campus.

(l)  The University will not be liable for any damage or loss of belonging(s) of the student while on board the transport vehicle or otherwise.

(m) Hostellers are not allowed to board the bus.

(n) Misuse of mobile phones in any manner including activities amounting to cybercrime and viewing of questionable websites in the bus is prohibited.

(o) After two misconducts the bus services of the students will be withdrawn.

8. Steps to follow for discontinuation of the transport facility

(a) Students, who intends to discontinue the transport facilities, shall apply to the student section duly verified by the concerned faculty member along with a copy to the transport in-charge.

(b) The Student section shall be responsible to inform the transport in charge in case of long absenteeism or termination of any student.

Certified that we have gone through the above Transport Rules and Regulations (From Sl No. 1 to 08) and undertake to abide by the same in letter and spirit 

[Note – For any other rules and notice, students will be informed separately by the management from time to time through notice to the notice board / website or any other manner.]


I hereby declare and inform that I have read rules and regulation of availing transport facility and assure that I will abide by the same. In case of any violation of any rules and regulations, my bus services may be terminated with immediate effect with the forfeiture of the balance transport fee.

Signature of the Student                                   Signature of the Father/Guardian

Name :                                                                                                          Name :

Mobile No:                                                                                                   Mobile No :

Place :                                                                                                           Place :

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