vision, mission, core values


To nurture individual’s excellence through value based, cross-cultural, integrated and holistic education adopting the contemporary and advanced means blended with ethical values to contribute in building a peaceful and sustainable global civilization.


  • To impart higher education at par with global standards that meets the changing needs of the society
  • To provide access to quality education and to improve quality of life, both at individual and community levels with advancing knowledge in all fields through innovations and ethical research.
  • To actively engage with and promote growth and welfare of the surrounding community through suitable extension and outreach activities
  • To develop socially responsible citizens, fostering ethical values and compassion through participation in community engagement, extension and promotion activities.
  • To create competitive and coordinated environment wherein the individual develop skills and a lifelong learning attitude to excel in their endeavours.
  • To develop Centers of Excellence culminating in achieving the cutting-edge technology in all fields.

Core Values

  1. Innovation
  2. Leadership
  3. Ethics
  4. Social responsibility