Why do you need a Prosthodontist

Why do you need a Prosthodontist

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Why do you need a Prosthodontist!!!

Importance of getting your missing teeth replaced:

  1. With loss of teeth you start losing your jaw bone. When the jaw bone is affected the replacement of teeth by fixed or removable denture becomes difficult.
  2. With loss of teeth your looks are severely affected. For esthetic reasons one must get their teeth replaced.
  3. One should get their teeth replaced for proper chewing and digestion. Digestion begins in the mouth when food is mixed with saliva.
  4. For proper speech one must replace their missing teeth.
  5. For your self confidence. A beautiful welcoming smile is the best thing you can wear.
  6. The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space can tilt and migrate into the space causing severe muscle and TM Joint pain.
  7. The teeth opposing the missing tooth can erupt into the space.
  8. The facial musculature can sag due to loss of multiple teeth that makes you look elder or more mature than you are.
  9. One may encounter decaying of adjacent teeth due food lodgment in the missing tooth region.


Why should you get implants? 

  1. It the most reliable solution. They are the next best thing to your natural teeth.
  2. Implants are screws that act like roots of natural teeth. They are the best long term, cost effective solution.
  3. Implants protect your healthy bone. The bone loss that occurs after tooth loss is prevented. The implants lead to healthier bone as the blood supply to the area is maintained.
  4. The bone loss will continue under any other fixed and removable prosthesis reducing the age of the supporting tooth/teeth and prosthesis.
  5. Not only is your smile restored, but implants also save adjacent teeth.
  6. Dental implants restore and retain your natural face form, shape and smile.
  7. You can speak easy with implants preventing any embarrassment.
  8. You can have your favorite food without worrying about caries or decay.


Dr Reshu Madaan, Reader

Department of Prosthodontics

Faculty of Dental Science

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