Corporate Resource Centre

Message from the Desk of Corporate Resource Centre

The world is on the cusp of entering a new reality in which human potential itself will become a major agent of economic growth. Unleashing this spirit, individuals’ potential will become the ultimate quest. The inescapable pressure to do more with less has awakened employers to explore true power of human potential: With the right people in the right place at the right time, organizations can achieve all they did before, and more! These new pressures are creating a scenario where the only way to adapt, evolve and rebuild will be through the determination of the human spirit.

As organizations and governments realize that the only path to success is through unleashing human potential and providing an appropriate environment in which the motivations and preferences of individuals will become increasingly important. Understanding how to unleash this spirit, passion and potential is not a one-size-fits-all approach and will require employers to engage their people on a human level. The technology is transforming way to interact, live and work, enabling the rapid and unfiltered exchange of ideas and innovation in an increasingly connected world. We are now in that generation of information technology where artificial intelligence is taking over human intelligence.

The arrival of the artificial intelligence will have a number of profound consequences on the world of work as the world adjusts to the fact that there will be no reset to “normal.” The ability to make sense of this change will define the winning companies and individuals. Skilled individuals—in increasingly short supply—will dictate their terms to employers, of how, where and when they work. They will naturally gravitate toward industries which offer the best career development options, display a commitment to corporate social responsibility and contribute to the communities where they are located.  Companies must become more agile in attracting, training and developing their employees, rethinking their people practices and workforce structures to ensure that they have the best environment to unlock the creativity, innovation, empathy, passion and intellectual curiosity.

At the SGT University, we foster an environment where collaboration with industry thrives, generating both breakthrough innovation that can support continuous growth. With a perfect track record of productive relationships with corporates, from start-ups to mature and successful enterprises, our institution provides innovative and productive minds

SGT University students have been recruited in various corporates and have proved their worth as an asset to the organizations. Our students would assuredly create a new level of performance and take their recruiting organizations to new heights in their respective fields.

The sole objective is to make the student’s industry ready and capable of standing tall to face contemporary challenges of the corporate world and have a smooth transition from Campus-to-Corporate.

It gives us immense satisfaction that our Career Services department is gaining strength with positive results, with every new academic session.

The Corporate Resource Centre is engaged in carrying out the following tasks:

  1. Enhancing student employability
  2. Improved industry internship
  3. Increased students’ ownership
  4. Career counselling and gap analysis
  5. Continuous improvement in the systems and processes
  6. Higher and better job placements with a wider industry reach
  7. Obtaining industry feedback for improving the academic curriculum

We wish you all good luck!

With Best Regards, Dr. K Tara Shankar Head – Corporate Resource Center [email protected]

0124- 2278075 Ext- 6141