Nurturing Young Talent to Foster an Innovative Culture

Updated on: September 28, 2023

Nurturing Young Talent to Foster an Innovative Culture

Faculty of Education, Department of Education & Department of Special Education Under the aegis of the Institutions Innovation Council, SGT University Organized a PANEL DISCUSSION ON “NURTURING YOUNG TALENT TO FOSTER AN INNOVATIVE CULTURE” Date: 28/08/2023, Time: 10 AM to 1 PM, E Block Room 308

Patron of the Panel Discussion: Prof. (Dr.) Madhavi Sharma, Dean, Faculty of Education

The Program Coordinators: Mr. Chandan Kumar Dubey, Asst. Prof. Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education, and Mr. Abhra Mukhopadhyay, Asst. Prof. Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education

The number of Students who attended the discussion: 102 (Students from the Faculty of Education)

The program anchoring was done by Ms. Raveena, a student of B. Ed.Spl.Edu.ID.Sem III.

The Panel Discussion started with a Welcome Address by Dr. Manita Devi, Asst. Prof. Faculty of Education, SGT University.

The First speaker of the panel discussion, Er. Rishi Sharma, Intubation Manager, ACIC, SGT University, in his session, enlightened the students with the concept of start-ups and their intricacies. Sir, through his presentation, appraised the students on the steps of starting start-ups and motivated the students to generate ideas by observing the problems around them and thinking about the solutions. He further explained the process of generating the idea, and the steps that can be taken in this direction such as ideation, validation, launch, establishment, growth, maturity, and exit. He also discussed the various gateways in the form of government agencies through which one can get and process the ideas to give the shape of a startup. He emphasized the various schemes and funds that are available and can easily be accessed.

The following speaker of the session was Dr. Pooja Pant, Innovation Ambassador, Associate Professor & Head of the Department, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, who highlighted the role and importance of the Institutions Innovation Council (IIC) in promoting startups and entrepreneurship. Madam has also motivated the students.

The third speaker of the discussion was Dr. Mukesh Kumar, Innovation Ambassador & Associate Professor, Faculty of Sciences, SGT University, he highlighted the importance of Intellectual Property Rights, along with its related safety and identification of the idea, logo, trademark, and copyright in the process of initiation of startup and in its processing as well.

Finally, the valuable session was taken by Dr. Rajive Gulati, Prof. and Advisor, of SGT University. Sir motivated each student towards the start-up and told the student to visit the ACIC of SGT University. He discussed the ecosystem and how it can be nurtured and maintained. Through his discussion, he emphasized teamwork and collaboration focusing on time management and resources.

The program concluded by summarizing all the sessions by Mr. Abhra Mukhopadhyay, Asst. Prof. Department of Special Education, Faculty of Education, SGT University.

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