Coaching Conversations: Catharsis to Self-Acceptance

Updated on: May 1, 2024

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Amidst the symphony of cries and roars echoing through the training room, I was pulled intuitively towards one hesitant whisper. "I... I'm not sure I can do this," came the trembling admission from a participant, their eyes downcast with insecurity and eyes brimming with tears.

As a coach, it's moments like these that remind me of the profound power of catharsis. With a gentle smile, I approached her, offering a reassuring hand on her shoulder."You don't have to have all the answers," I replied, my voice soft yet firm. "Sometimes, the healing begins with simply letting yourself be seen."

In the corner of the room, a makeshift stage beckoned, an invitation to explore emotions through the lens of performance. With a nod of encouragement, she approached the stage, her steps faltering with uncertainty. "What do I do?" she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. "Let your imagination take the lead, do what your first thought is about your character" I responded, my words a gentle push towards self-discovery.

With a deep breath, she stepped onto the stage amongst others, her posture tentative at first, then straightening with newfound resolve. As everyone began to embody different characters and scenarios, I watched in awe as her layers of inhibition peeled away, revealing glimpses of her true essence.

Gradually the scene transformed as if it was straight out of a Shakespearean drama, a tableau of raw human emotion laid bare. In the centre of this, I, as a coach, stood there presenting a calming anchor amidst the storm.

"It feels... empowering," she murmured, a spark of confidence igniting in her eyes."That's the power of catharsis," I replied, a smile spreading across my face. "Through drama, we can step into different roles and explore aspects of ourselves we never knew existed."

In the following moments, others joined in, each person having found their voice on stage. Together, we transformed the training room into a theatre of self-expression, where vulnerability became a source of strength and fear dissolved into courage. As the session drew to a close, I looked around at the elated faces of my participants—a testament to the transformative journey we had embarked upon together.

"Remember," I said, addressing the group, "courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to face it head-on. And sometimes, all it takes is a leap of faith to discover the depths of our own resilience."

With that, we parted ways, each of us carrying a piece of the performance in our hearts—a reminder that in the midst of uncertainty, there is always the opportunity for growth.

And in the act of stepping into the spotlight, we find healing, one role at a time!

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Master Coach & Lead
Centre for Languages and Communication
Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology
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