Mr. Deepak

Assistant Professor

Mr. Deepak
Qualification Ph.D, Centre of English Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University. (2021-Present)
M.Phil., Department of English, University of Delhi. (2018-2021)
M.A. (English Literature), Hindu College, University of Delhi. (2016-2018)
B.A. (Hons.) English Literature, Deshbandhu College, University of Delhi. (2013-2016)
Junior Research Fellow (2018-2021), U.G.C.
Total Years of Work Experience Five semesters at various University of Delhi colleges.
No of Recent Publications 02
No of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops 04
Awards (International/National) -

Mr. Deepak is an Assistant Professor in the Centre for Languages and Communication, SGT University. He has an experience of more than five years in research and a year in teaching. His research work revolves around Dalit literatures from Indian subcontinent. He is interested in the interaction of aesthetic schemes and their socio-cultural import. As a UGC Junior Research Fellow, he was awarded an M.Phil. degree from University of Delhi for his dissertation titled “‘No one knew Pandit Ji. But everyone knew Phulwa’s son!’: A Social Epistemological Analysis of Ratan Kumar Sambharia’s Short Story Collection Thunderstorm: Dalit Stories.” He has also extensively translated Hindi Dalit writers like Ratan Kumar Sambharia and Sushila Takbhoure into English for his research work. He has taught British Literature: 17th & 18th Century, British Literature: 19th Century, African Literatures, Literature & Disability, Marginalities in Indian Writings, English Language through Literature papers among others at multiple colleges affiliated with University of Delhi. He has also delivered invited lectures on an introduction to Dalit literature and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s writings. His recent publications include a research paper titled “Urban Middle Class Dilemma: A Social Psychological Review of Ajay Navaria’s Unclaimed Terrain”, published in Fortell: Journal of Teaching English Language and Literature, a UGC listed peer-reviewed journal and a chapter titled “Sartorial Epistemology of Ratan Kumar Sambharia’s Short Story ‘Bes’” in the book Bhartiya Dalit Chintan- Sahityik aur Samajik Sarokar edited by Dr. Anil Kumar Baria and Dr. Anita Goyal. His translation of Vijila Vijula’s poem “Wasteland” is on display as a painting at Conflictorium, Raipur. He has presented papers in several international conferences at prestigious institutions like South Asian Literary Association, IIT-Gandhinagar, EFLU-Hyderabad and University of Delhi among others. Following his interest in creative research process methodology, he has also sketched a graphic narrative “The New Stoppage” as a part of his Ph.D. work, focussing on the interaction of Indian nationalism, citizenship debates and political speeches.

Teaching Interests

  • Victorian Literature
  • Marginalities in Indian Writings
  • Romantic Literature
  • Gothic Literature
  • Graphic Narratives

Research Interests

  • Caste and Aesthetics
  • Dalit literature
  • Social Epistemology
  • Graphic Narratives

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