Expert Talk on “Universal Design for Learning”

Updated on: 20 January 2024

Universal Design for Learning

The Expert Talk on “Universal Design for Learning” by Christopher Johnstone, Associate Professor, Comparative and International Development Education. University of Minnesota is an esteemed educator and researcher from the University of Minnesota. This enlightening session delves into the principles and practices of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework that aims to make education more accessible and inclusive for all students, regardless of their diverse learning needs and styles. In this session various key aspects related to UDL like core principles of UDL, Understanding the importance of creating inclusive learning environments, and providing information in multiple ways to accommodate diverse learning styles. This Expert Talk is ideal for educators, administrators, and anyone interested in creating inclusive learning environments. Christopher Johnstone's wealth of knowledge and experience in the field makes this session a valuable resource for those seeking to enhance their understanding and implementation of Universal Design for Learning while implementing it in the teaching-learning process.

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