Fly-Ash Bricks Manufacturing Site Visit

Updated on: September 5, 2023

Fly-Ash Bricks Manufacturing Site Visit

Visit a fly ash brick manufacturing plant to learn about sustainable construction using industrial waste. Civil engineering students explore the eco-friendly brick production process from raw materials to curing, gaining insights into replacing traditional fired clay bricks. Discover modern strategies to reduce environmental impact.

Fly ash bricks are unconventional bricks manufactured from industrial wastes especially from thermal power plant, such as, fly ash blended with limestone, gypsum etc. These bricks are being widely adopted in modern construction activities and efficiently replacing the traditional standard fired clay brick. The purpose to conduct this site visit was to aware our students with the modern construction strategies to reduce carbon footprint in the environment followed by the manufacturing process of fly ash bricks at the unit. Another advantage of visiting any manufacturing plant is the visual product making process which may enhance the interest of student towards the stream and further help him/her in the interviews or technical interactions in future.

Cognizant to the fact, a Site Visit to Fly ash brick manufacturing unit, Daurala Border, Haryana, was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, SGT University, on 24 August 2023 for the students of Civil department. Students were encouraged to see the brick manufacturing process on site and to hear about the same from industry expert. The site supervisor demonstrated all through brick making process from scratch to finish very clearly followed by the method of curing at different ages. He also shared the relevant information about the demand and supply issues of brick in the state of Haryana and about some challenges in replacing the standard fired clay brick with the fly ash brick.

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