Phoolon Ki Holi at SGT: Flowers Shedded, Memories Embedded!

Updated on: March 16, 2024

Phoolon Kki Holi 2024

Did you enjoy Phoolon ki Holi at SGT University? Let's share your comments on the auspicious event organized by SGTU. Share your favorite part of the whole event.

Flowers Shedded, But Memories Embedded: Phoolon Ki Holi Rocked SGT!

1.Introduction | SGT University Latest News

SGT University saw its vivid and brightest day of the year bring new life and joy to the campus. “Radha Krishan Sang Phoolon Ki Holi - 2024” was every bit the celebration of love and colours that we all hoped for it to be. In this blog, we will highlight the preparation, the performances, and the reactions to all as it went down at “Phoolon Ki Holi.”

2.Behind The Scenes At “Phoolon Ki Holi” | SGT University Latest News

The intense practice for the delightful performances that we all saw began nearly a month in advance, with students devoting every bit of extra time they could cram out of their schedules to ideate, conceptualize, and create their respective final acts. Every move was repeated umpteen times in small rooms so that it all went flawlessly on the big stage. Aside from that, there were also separate “Decoration Teams” that consisted of students who dedicated a significant number of man-hours to hand-painting and forming every piece of embellishment that adorned our stages. Their contributions to the aesthetic brilliance of “Phoolon Ki Holi” should not go unnoticed.

3. The Performances At “Phoolon Ki Holi” | SGT University News

The best part was the actual execution and the performances displayed at the event, which all seemed to pay tribute to this beautiful festival in their own unique manner. From contemporary vibes to the grace of tradition, the entire length and breadth of the styles that were performed were stunning. Here is a summary of the types of performances we all saw in “Phoolon Ki Holi:”

  • Kuhu Kuhu Bole Koyaliya: Odissi Dance
  • Jayatu Jayatu Bharatam: Semi-classical
  • Banthan Ke: Bollywood Performance
  • Piya Se Naina Laage: Thillana Bharatnatyam
  • Ek Radha Ek Mira: Semi-classical
  • Falguni Awala: Bengali Creative Dance
  • Reshmachya Reghani: Lavani
  • Brij Ki Holi
  • Kanha Soja Jara: Hand-tutting
  • Tere Rang Rang Mai: Creative Dance
  • Arunachali Folk Dance

4. The Final Celebration

As the sun began to set on "Radha Krishna Sang Phoolon Ki Holi - 2024," the campus witnessed a breathtaking finale that embodied the essence of love, devotion, and the eternal bond between Radha and Krishna. In a stunning display of reverence and joy, students gathered around the beautifully adorned idols of the divine couple, showering them with petals. The air was filled with the fragrance of fresh flowers and the sound of laughter as the students lovingly embraced the spirit of Holi.

5. A Day To Always Remember

It is a matter of national pride to have a festival as bright and unique as Holi and to be a part of this fantastic cornucopia of Indian culture. At SGT, we will never forget “Phoolon Ki Holi” for the joy it spread across this big campus and how it brought everyone together to celebrate and bond. For the freshmen, particularly, it was an eye-opening experience that gave them a delightful glean into all that waits for them in this “SGT Life.”

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