The Launch Of “Tales Of Traditions: The GI Atlas Of India”

Updated on: April 27, 2024

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The Advanced Study Institute of Asia at SGT University and the Intellectual Property Office of India virtually launched an atlas “Tales of Tradition: The GI Atlas of India” on the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day. The book was unveiled by Professor (Dr.) Unnat P. Pandit, Controller General of Designs, Patent and Trademark, Registrar of Copyright and Geographical Indication. Following the launch he emphasised the significance of documenting GI products in this atlas as India currently has over 600 registered GIs.

The Geographical Indication Atlas of India visually celebrates the diversity of GI products across the country. Featuring a curated selection of agricultural goods, handicrafts, manufactured goods, foodstuffs and natural products, the atlas provides unique insights into the history, method of production, and geographical location of each product.

Shivani Singh and Khushi Kesari, are the curators who have meticulously crafted this atlas under the invaluable guidance of external expert reviewers Dr Prabuddha Ganguli, CEO ofVISION-IPR, Advisor and Adjunct Professor at IIT Jodhpur and Dr Annamma Samuel, DPIIT IPR Chair, Professor GNLU. It is a tribute to the weavers, artisans, farmers, and craftspeople who breathe life into each unique product.

The launch was followed by a panel discussion on the theme “From Tradition to Prosperity: Ensuring Equity and Recognition for GI Producers and Artisans” presided over by Dr. Prabuddha Ganguli. Professor G Hari Shankar Prasad, Director NIFT, Jodhpur emphasised GI's role in protecting traditional knowledge and promoting economic growth. Mr. Govind Singh Bhati Creative Producer, Music Curator, and Rajasthani Folk Arts Expert stressed the need to support local artisans, while Mr Mridul Dutta, Assistant Professor, at Tezpur University called for an integrated approach to address piracy concerns and ensure theauthenticity of GI-tagged products. They agreed on the significance of engaging with communities to preserve India's rich cultural heritage.

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