Dr. Tejee Isha

Assistant Professor

Dr. Tejee Isha
Qualification BAMC (Hons)
MA. (Mass Communication)
M.Phil. (Mass Communication; Role Of Brand In Advertisement)
P.G. Diploma (Women Studies)
PhD (Mass Communication, Sensibility of Women in North-eastern Media)
Total Years of Work Experience 4.7 Years
No of Recent Publications
  • 22
  • Book : 1 (Human Values & Professional Ethics)
  • 2. Mobile Journalism
  • News paper/website : More than 300
  • No of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops
  • Conference : 11
  • Seminar : 17
  • Workshop : 12
  • Awards (International/National) -

    Dr. Tejee Isha has been appointed Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Mass Communication & Media Technology at SGT University. She has almost four years of experience in academia, journalism, and publishing. She has published 200 articles about North-Eastern India, Culture, Women, and Contemporary topics in various newspapers and portals while working in the Mass Media industry. Dr. Tejee has 19 research papers published in reputed national and international journals. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Communication from Central University. During her investigation, she was heavily active with north-eastern culture and media. Being socio-economically responsible has aided the well-being of women in the north-eastern states. She has collaborated with 200 dialects and north-eastern cultures to bring her study papers to life. Dr. Tejee also holds M.Phil degree, her dissertation work investigates the origins and consequences of truth-in-advertising legislation throughout the Progressive Era. She has a Master’s degree in Mass Communication from MGAHV Central University. She has attended several national and international conferences, workshops, and seminars. She participates in conferences, FDPs and workshops as a resource person and chairperson.

    Teaching Interests

    • Research Methodology
    • New Media
    • Culture Study
    • Gender Study
    • Advertisement & PR
    • Development Communication

    Research Interests

    • Culture Study
    • New Media
    • Climate Issue
    • Development Communication
    • Contemporary Issues

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