Ms Arvinder kaur pabla

Master Coach & Lead

Qualification Pursuing PhD from Banasthali Vidyapith
MA (English) from IGNOU
B.Tech (Chemical) from PTU
Total Years of Work Experience 07 Years
No of Recent Publications “REPUDIATED ACCEPTANCE OF UNTOUCHABLES IN MULK RAJ ANAND’S UNTOUCHABLE” Gender, culture, South Asia Marginalization and Self in Contemporary Narratives, 1st edition 2021, Pp 46-56, ISBN 978-93-90651-50-4
“Decoding the concept of feminism and free will with the virtue if satanic culture and devil's advocacy”. The Journal of Oriental Research Madras, Vol. XCII-XXII, May 2021, Pp 56-61.
“Person hood and Memories: A Capitalist Gimmick, Kala Sarovar”, Pp 99-104Pp 99- 104, ISBN 0975-4520
The Post Modernist Response to Female Representation in Classic and Modern Cinema pp 160-171; ISBN 978-93-81520- 72-7
No of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops 15
Awards (International/National) -

Ms Arvinder Kaur Pabla is a dynamic engineer turned master trainer with over 15 years of experience, including corporates and academics. Currently working with SGT University, Gurugram, she has earned a reputation as an exceptional trainer with expertise in employability and soft skills training for students and professionals. As a certified ESL CELTA trainer from Cambridge University, Ms Pabla has extensive knowledge of language teaching and has the skills to impart knowledge in a way that is easy to comprehend. She is passionate about providing valuable training to her students and helping them to develop the skills necessary for success in the global marketplace. In addition to her teaching career, Ms Pabla has published several research papers on various topics related to posthumanism, women’s studies, and cultural studies. Her work has been published in national and international journals, making her a respected figure. Additionally, Ms Arvinder Kaur Pabla has extensive engagement at the university level, where she serves as the Editor for the University Magazine, providing her expertise to help create an informative and engaging publication. She also serves as an Association Advisor, guiding and mentoring student associations, ensuring they operate smoothly and effectively. She is also a member of the Central Coordination Cell, where she provides her organizational skills to help coordinate various university-wide events. Ms Pabla is also the Chief Coordinator for SWAG, an initiative that focuses on the welfare of the faculty members working at SGT University. Overall, Ms Arvinder Kaur Pabla’s engagement at the university level is essential to her commitment to providing a well-rounded education for students. Her contributions as the Editor of the University Magazine, Association Advisor, member of the Central Coordination Cell, and Chief Coordinator of SWAG demonstrate her dedication to positively impacting the university community.

Teaching Interests

  • Soft Skills & Behavioural Skills Trainings
  • English Language Trainings
  • Literature

Research Interests

  • Gender Studies
  • Posthumanism
  • Diasporic Identities

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