Ms. Monika Sharma

Master Coach

Ms. Monika Sharma
Qualification Master of Arts (English) 2019-2021, IGNOU, New Delhi
Bachelor of Commerce (2012), University of Delhi
Total Years of Work Experience 13 Years
No of Recent Publications “REPUDIATED ACCEPTANCE OF UNTOUCHABLES IN MULK RAJ ANAND’S UNTOUCHABLE” Gender, culture, South Asia Marginalization and Self in Contemporary Narratives, 1st edition 2021, Pp 46-56, ISBN 978-93-90651-50-4 “Decoding the concept of feminism and free will with the virtue if satanic culture and devil’s advocacy”. The Journal of Oriental Research Madras, Vol. XCII-XXII, May 2021, Pp 56-61. “Person hood and Memories: A Capitalist Gimmick, Kala Sarovar”, Pp 99-104Pp 99- 104, ISBN 0975-4520 The Post Modernist Response to Female Representation in Classic and Modern Cinema pp 160-171; ISBN 978-93-81520- 72-7
No of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops Attended 10 International & National Conferences, Workshops, Webinars, and Faculty Development program since 2018. Conducted 7 Workshops in various colleges since 2017 on topics like Employability Skills, Career Building, Soft skills, and Personality Development, etc.
Awards (International/National) -

As a Master Coach in Training and Development at SGT University, Ms Monika Sharma is a highly accomplished and passionate professional dedicated to empowering young professionals and change-makers in the Asia Pacific. Her dedication to soft skills training and mentoring has made her a published author and World Literacy Forum (WLF) Ambassador. With over 14 years of experience in academic and corporate environments, Monika has developed expertise in designing and delivering customized training programs that help young professionals build critical skills such as communication, collaboration, leadership, and emotional intelligence. Monika is committed to empowering young change-makers and women in leadership roles. Her exceptional work in this area earned her numerous awards, including the Women Icon Award 2022, the Women of Significance Award 2022, and the Rising Star Award by WEDU Global in 2019. As a mentor with WEDU Global, Monika works closely with young professionals and change-makers to help them achieve their full potential. She is also registered as an Open Source leader with Common Purpose to work closely on the concept of leader without boundaries. She is passionate about fostering a culture of learning and growth and is committed to assisting individuals in building the skills and confidence they need to succeed in their careers.

Teaching Interests

  • Soft Skills
  • English as a second language
  • Literature

Research Interests

  • Languages variations and usage of body language
  • Gender Studies
  • Subliminal Communication and Folk literature
  • Cultural Studies

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