Why is Nursing and Pharmacy One of the Best Career Options for PCB Students in India?

Updated on: July 20, 2023

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Why is Nursing and Pharmacy One of the Best Career Options for PCB Students in India?

In India, the choice of a career after completing the pre-medical subjects, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology (PCB), is a crucial decision for many students. While medicine and allied fields often take the spotlight, nursing, and pharmacy are two lesser-explored yet highly rewarding career options for PCB students. This article delves into the reasons why nursing and pharmacy present excellent opportunities for aspiring students in India, with concrete and specific examples to support the argument.

Robust and Ever-Growing Healthcare Industry

India’s healthcare industry has been experiencing substantial growth over the years. The government’s initiatives, rising middle-class population, and increasing health consciousness have contributed to the expansion of healthcare services across the country. According to a report by IBEF (India Brand Equity Foundation), the Indian healthcare market is projected to reach USD 372 billion by 2022. As a result, there is a growing demand for qualified healthcare professionals, including nurses and pharmacists.
Government Policies: The Indian government’s Ayushman Bharat program, launched in 2018, aims to provide healthcare coverage to millions of vulnerable families, further fueling the demand for healthcare services and skilled professionals.

Nursing: Fulfilling the Critical Healthcare Gap

Nursing is a noble profession that plays a vital role in patient care and recovery. However, in India, there is a significant shortage of qualified nurses, especially in rural areas. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the nurse-to-population ratio in India is approximately 1:670, significantly lower than the WHO’s recommended ratio of 1:300. This deficit presents an excellent opportunity for PCB students to pursue nursing as a career, contributing to bridging the healthcare gap.
Government Policies: The government’s National Health Mission (NHM) has undertaken various initiatives to encourage students to pursue nursing. Scholarships, financial incentives, and career advancement opportunities are being offered to address the shortage of nurses.
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Pharmacy: Making India a Global Leader in Pharmaceuticals

India is a global leader in producing generic drugs, supplying affordable medicines to various countries. Pharmacists working in pharmaceutical industries are instrumental in ensuring the quality and efficacy of these medications. For instance, the Serum Institute of India’s role in manufacturing and distributing COVID-19 vaccines demonstrated the vital role of pharmacists in the vaccine supply chain. As the population grows, the demand for medicines and healthcare products also rises.
Government Policies: With the implementation of e-pharmacies and telemedicine services, the need for qualified pharmacists has increased, as they are essential in providing accurate drug information and counseling to patients.
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Diverse Career Opportunities

Both nursing and pharmacy offer a diverse range of career opportunities. Nursing graduates can work in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, and even as educators and researchers. Pharmacists, too, have a wide array of options, including community pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, pharmaceutical industries, regulatory bodies, and research organizations.

Global Opportunities

Qualified nurses and pharmacists from India have opportunities to work in international healthcare settings. Many countries face shortages of healthcare professionals, and Indian graduates often find lucrative employment opportunities abroad.
The United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and several Middle Eastern countries are actively recruiting nurses and pharmacists from India to meet their healthcare demands.


Nursing and pharmacy are undoubtedly among the best career options for PCB students in India. By pursuing nursing or pharmacy, aspiring students can contribute significantly to society while building rewarding and fulfilling careers for themselves. As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, investing in these fields promises a bright future for the healthcare sector and the professionals serving it.
As India’s population ages, the demand for nursing and pharmacy professionals is only going to increase.

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