Need For Health Check-Ups!

Updated on: June 7, 2022

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Need For Health Check-Ups!

Routine health check-ups will help you evaluate your risk factors for various diseased conditions such as carcinoma, etc. Regular check-ups will also help you to know the pattern of your lifestyle.
Now, the question arises, how often you should go for a health check-up? So the regularity of health check-ups depends upon your age, sex, risk factor and current health status.
But, if you are suffering from a chronic disease like COPD, you should visit your doctor more often, irrespective of age.

Why should you go for a health check-up?

It is very much important going for a health check-up as it will help you find any life-threatening health issue before it causes a problem.
If you have already been met with any disease, check-ups help you lower the risks that often lead to serious complications. And if we look from a financial point of view, it will minimise the extra cost associated with treating the complication or serious conditions.

During your health check-up doctor will be able to check:

Your family history

  • The list of allergies even you don’t know
  • If you have misused alcohol and tobacco and many more
  • Women are more prone to health issues and are diagnosed with many life-threatening diseases like breast cancer

Health check-ups always never mean blood testing. Whenever you visit your doctor for your routine check-up, they will examine you physically first of all, which include: blood pressure, vital sign, allergies, lifestyle choices, etc.

Always remember to ask your doctor about any changes in your medical history from the last visit!

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Written By: –
Ms Sweety Jha
Faculty of Allied Health Sciences
SGT University

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