Office of External Affairs

Office of External Affairs

We at SGT University believe that academic collaboration programs between the Foreign universities and Indian institutions and organizations must aim at meeting the rapidly growing Indian educational needs by leveraging mutual capabilities. A part of our core mission is to prepare our students to compete in the global economy. These collaboration programs contribute to that goal by giving students and faculty members an international experience and global perspectives.

International Collaborations

“The world has developed into a global network of interactions that impact cultures, both locally and internationally. Educational systems are evolving to provide new international perspectives that foster the development of students, staff, faculty, programs, and institutions.”

Dr. Reshu Madan

Additional Dean
(International Relations)

Dr. Sunanda

Deputy Dean
(South-East Asia)

Dr. Sonia Goel

Deputy Dean
(North America)

Core Areas :

  • The implementation of the Internationalization Strategy, and the creation of an action plan. This includes providing support for the University's Internationalization steering group.
  • Developing strategic alliances and managing institutional partnerships and collaborations:
  • Develop programmes that prepare students to succeed in the modern global economy
  • Create opportunities for international exchange with high quality institutions, for both students and faculty.
  • Working with departments to develop their international agendas. This includes international agreements, funding opportunities, information on student exchanges, faculty exchange and joint research participation in visits and profile-raising.
  • Managing an ongoing schedule of visits by SGTU delegations to institutions in other regions of the world.
  • Hosting visits of delegations from international universities and other public bodies to SGTU.
  • Building international profile for SGTU through visits, social media, events and conferences.
  • Developing and managing international opportunities for students.
  • Internationalizing the campus, the curriculum and services to staff, students, partners.

SGT University Student Exchange Programs :

A student exchange program between SGT Universities and foreign universities is a program where students choose to study abroad in Sponsor institutions. An exchange student could live with a host family or in a designated place including hostels, affordable apartment/house or student lodge. The cost for each program differs according to countries and institutions. The participants could either apply/receive scholarship, self-funded or apply/receive loan.

Core Areas :

  • To enhance the educational experience of student
  • To strengthen the networking between students and Universities
  • Broaden personal and educational perspectives
  • Explore, appreciate and understand different cultures
  • To enhance the ability of the student in second language learning

SGT University Faculty Exchange Programs

The faculty exchange programs provide participants with the opportunity to teach or conduct research for one semester or an academic year at an overseas university. Faculty members benefit from exposure to a culturally varied and diverse faculty make-up, with an opportunity to exchange ideas and observe a variety of styles.

Three basic schemes define the nature of the faculty exchange and the responsibilities of the visiting faculty member.


We at SGT University aim to become 'engine of development'. This model lives upto the accepted vision of seeing the university as one of the core institutions in national development.


We believe that the incidence of faculty-staff exchange programs, both international and inter institutional, is one way Indian higher education institutions can ascertain and sustain quality education. These programs are mutual, inter-institutional arrangements through with the proficiency and services of one institute's faculty are exchanged with the other institution for time-limited periods.

These faculty exchange programs in most cases international faculty exchange lead to benefits that accrue :

  • Revitalization of course content to reflect the latest trends;
  • Invigoration of faculty by the addition of new colleagues directly involved in the similar practice arena;
  • Creation of new opportunities for future collaboration on research, special projects and practicals;
  • Acquisition or update of practice experience which can inform faculty teaching and research

Faculty exchanges are not limited to exchanges with other universities and colleges but are also arranged with industrial firms, government agencies, businesses, and such, where both parties involved may benefit from the exchange.

International Collaborations

Laerdal Medical India And Jhpiego Corporation And Indian Nursing Council

College Of Physical Education, Palestra

Academy Of Arts In Sofia


University Of Plymouth

Union Yoga Ayurveda

Bitlis University

Vira International

Global Education Management Overseas Ltd. (GEM)

Ajman University

Hebrew University




Trinity Western University


Midwestern University

Kent State university

Polonia University


International Council on Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Education (ICHRIE)

Binawan University


The Weather Company

British Medical Journal (BMJ)

University of Missouri - Kansas (UMKC)

Queensland University

Queens University Belfast






International Student Cell

SGT University has developed International Relations Team which collaborates with foreign universities/organizations and participates in various international exhibitions and educational fairs.

This department works actively to promote student and faculty exchange programs and also to cater to the specific needs of international students. The university has successfully completed faculty and student exchange programs at international and national levels. The University strives hard to make its students truly global citizens. One of the ways to achieve this is to welcome international students for courses as well as exchange programs. The International relations team at SGT University is dedicated to managing incoming and outgoing short-term student and staff mobility. The campus is well equipped in terms of manpower and logistics to manage batches of up to 30 students at a time.

The International relation team support the students and organize activities for them including the Organization of Reception and Orientation Programs for international students. Helping the students in the process of registration, visa extensions, and other academic and nonacademic related issues. The team will act as a contact point for international students for appropriate information and will assist in ensuring the safety, security, discipline, and well-being of the international students and ensuring that any grievance of the student is promptly resolved.

Celebration of cultural activities, international festivals, conduction of cross-cultural programs, international lecture series, and liaisons with respective embassies to ensure that international students participate in important embassy functions.

The International relations team also provides the necessary expertise in the advising of various aspects of settling in on campus and compliance with immigration requirements for all international students, international faculty and staff, and short-term exchange visitors. Similar assistance is also extended to SGT students aspiring to travel overseas to facilitate a safe and pleasant experience. In addition, in the long run, the center will ensure the university’s compliance with the myriad of evolving regulations in conjunction with the office of quality and compliance, support the university by managing global student and scholar interactions, and facilitate in general, the well-being of all international students, faculty, and staff.

The University website provides a platform for International Students to report their grievances to the Registrar’s Office and the Office of External Affairs.

The University endeavors to provide all support services to ensure all student issues are addressed in a timely manner and their satisfaction level remains high. In September 2019 University welcomed the first batch of 20 students from Binawan Institute of Health Sciences, Jakarta. The students had a week-long program with multiple lectures, live workshops, and interactive sessions organized by the Faculty of Physiotherapy and the Faculty of Indian Medical System.

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