Unravelling the broad field of Applied and Basic Sciences

Updated on: May 14, 2024

Science is a broad and dynamic area that includes a variety of disciplines, each with its distinct viewpoint on the world around us. From discovering the secrets of the world via physics to defending the globe through environmental science, there is something for everyone with an inquisitive mind and a thirst for knowledge. Whether you're fascinated by the elegance of mathematical equations or the complexities of chemical processes, science provides a limitless opportunity to explore, invent, and make a significant contribution to the world.


Physical Science, a degree to explore the fundamental principles of the physical universe, equipping students with analytical tools and theoretical frameworks for physics, chemistry, and astronomy, to Forensic Science programs, which offers students a comprehensive understanding of crime scene investigation, forensic analysis, and criminalistics, equipping them with scientific expertise and investigative skills. Study in Statistics and Data Science, equips students with the skills to analyse complex datasets, fostering creativity and informed decision-making in various industries. Undergraduate programs in Bachelor of Science (B.Sc) gives a solid foundation of every introduced concepts.

SGT University is the best Private University in Haryana, providing a diverse range of degrees via its Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences. Anyone curious, passionate, and eager to learn can pursue a career in science. Through its five departments—the departments of Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Forensic Science, and Environmental Science—the Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences offers top-notch instruction, training, and research in a variety of Science fields.

The Science faculty offers students a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical elements of science, equipping them with a variety of professional choices and research possibilities. Join us at SGT University's Faculty of Applied and Basic Science and embark on a journey of discovery, innovation, and limitless possibilities. Together, to illuminate the path towards a brighter, more scientifically informed future.

Accreditations of the Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences:

SGT University’s Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences is an A+ NAAC (National Assessment and Accreditation Council) and UGC (University Grants Commission) accredited University with other authorization from the Government of Haryana, QS-IGUAGE, IIRF, and Association of Indian Universities. These prestigious accreditations boost SGT University to be the best private University in Delhi NCR.

How is the study carried out?

Foundation Courses: The initial step starts with foundational courses to build a strong foundation in the chosen field of Science. Participate in extracurricular activities like research projects and internships. Start exploring career paths and interests.

Foundation Courses: It allows students to apply academic knowledge while also developing practical skills.

Extracurricular Activities: Participation in the rich culture of research projects, internships, and student groups, facilitated by the top Science College in Delhi NCR.

Career Exploration: Simultaneously, identification of the future career routes and areas of interest gets explored during the course of the program.

Courses offered by the Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences at SGT University, it’s Eligibility and Fee structure, Career Scopes:

Opting for Education at SGT University is affordable with its high quality Education. For every courses under the Faculty, a 100% scholarship is made available to the meritorious students. This initiative is a prominent feature of the University making it stand out among the Top Private Universities.

Bachelor of Physical Science (Physical Science):

For individuals who desire to integrate their interests in math, physics, and chemistry with other fields of science, technology, and management, the three-year Bachelor of Science (Physical Science) program is a great option. The course material will improve the student's ability to recognize and address issues in a variety of challenging circumstances. Students can work in a variety of sectors, including both science and non-science ones, after completing the course.

The eligibility criteria to get enrolled in this course is anyone with a 10+2 degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics as the main subjects with 60% marks from a recognized institution. The annual intake is 30 students.

The total tuition fee is INR 90000 per annum.

Career options after graduating from Bachelors of Physical Science (Physical Science):

After attaining a Bachelor's degree in Physical Science, there are several employment opportunities accessible in a variety of fields. Here are a few possible job paths:

1. Research and Development:

  • Conduct experiments and create new technologies in laboratories, universities, or private enterprises.
  • Participate in research initiatives in material science, nanotechnology, and photonics.

2. Data Analysis:

  • Apply analytical skills to work as a data analyst in industries including banking, healthcare, and marketing.
  • Analyse scientific data to help make commercial or policy decisions.

3. Patent Examiner:

  • Evaluate and award patents for physical scientific ideas.

4. Sales and Technical Support:

  • Provide technical sales and support for scientific or engineering items and equipment.
  • Offer advice and help to consumers.

5. Scientific Writing and Communication:

  • Create articles, reports, and teaching materials about physical scientific issues.
  • Work in journalism, public relations, or corporate communications.

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Forensic Science:

The three-year Bachelor of Forensic Science program is designed to help students advance their knowledge and abilities related to investigating different kinds of crimes. The collecting, handling, preservation, and inspection of evidence from crime scenes are all covered in detail in the training provided to the students. The goal of the course is to improve students' ability to observe and make decisions in order to meet the demands of a criminal investigation scenario.

The eligibility criteria for this program is a degree holder of 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology/Mathematics as the main subjects with a minimum of 60% marks from a recognized board.

The annual tuition fee totals up to INR 120000 and the total intake per year is 60 students.

Career options after graduating from Bachelors of Forensic Science:

Numerous job options are available to those with a bachelor's degree in forensic science, especially in the fields of criminal justice and legal investigations. Some of them are:

1. The Crime Scene Investigator (CSI):

  • Responsible for gathering and examining evidence at crime scenes.
  • Collaborate with law enforcement to record incidents and compile vital data.

2. Forensic Scientist:

  • Examine evidence including DNA, fingerprints, ballistics, and trace materials while working in crime laboratories.
  • Focus on certain fields, such as toxicology, chemistry, biology, or the inspection of weaponry.

3. Forensic Analyst:

  • Examine evidence using scientific techniques and offer professional judgments in court.
  • May focus on blood work, digital forensics, or trace evidence analysis

Bachelor of Science (Hons.) Static & Data Science:

The three-year Bachelor of Science (Hons.) (Statistics & Data Science) program, also known as B.Sc. Hons in Statistics & Data Science open up a wide variety of skills and knowledge in statistics and data science that are intended to be acquired by students enrolled. In addition to learning the most recent statistical and data mining techniques, the students will also receive training in data collection, analysis, and interpretation. The goal of the course is to improve students' judgment and problem-solving skills so they can take on real-world data difficulties in a range of industries.

The eligibility criteria is anyone with a 10+2 degree with 60% marks in aggregate with Mathematics as one of the subjects from a recognized board. The annual intake is 20 students.

The total fee for a year is INR 100000.

Career options after graduating from Bachelors of (Hons.) Static & Data Science:

Here are some possible job paths for graduates in this field:

1. Data Analyst:

  • Analyse and understand data to inform business choices.
  • Create reports and infographics to share the result.

2. Data Scientist:

  • Apply advanced statistical and machine learning approaches to forecast trends.
  • Apply data to solve complicated challenges and enhance company operations.

3. Statistician:

  • Create experiments or surveys to gather data.
  • Apply statistical approaches to analyse data and develop conclusions.

4. Business Intelligence Analyst:

  • Analyse data to inform strategic business choices.
  • Create dashboards and reports to provide insights to stakeholders.

5. Market Research Analyst:

  • Analyse market circumstances and customer preferences through data analysis.
  • Share insights about product development, pricing, and marketing tactics.

6. Quantitative Analyst:

  • Work in finance to create and test quantitative models for risk management and investment strategies.
  • Use statistical models to estimate market trends and portfolio performance.

7. Operations Research Analyst:

  • Analyse data to enhance organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Create mathematical models that help optimize operations, supply chains, and logistics.

8. Risk Analyst:

  • Analyse statistical models and data to assess company risks and opportunities.
  • Work in financial services, insurance, or another industry to assist corporations with risk management.

Industry tie-ups:

SGT University’s Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences has a wide range of industry tie-ups with its CRC (Corporate Resource Centre) leading students to provide a top notch placements at top companies with the best package. Previously, 99% placement rate has already been achieved by the CRC department.

What distinguishes SGT University is not just its dedication to academic quality, but also its vibrant and supportive learning community. Students at the best University are well-prepared for success in both their academic pursuits and future employment, due to the cutting-edge facilities, dedicated staff members, and a dynamic curriculum that fosters critical thinking and practical skills.


Embark on a transformative journey into the realms of knowledge and discovery with SGT University's prestigious Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences. As the pursuit of scientific understanding continues to shape our world, the Bachelor of Science (Honors) programs in Physical Science, Forensic Science, and Statistics and Data Science are shining examples of academic excellence, providing unparalleled opportunities for intellectual growth and professional development.

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