Applied and Basic Sciences

Department of Physics

Department of Physics, ever since its inception, has always given immense importance to students’ learning process and has emerged as an excellent centre for teaching and research. Equipped with modern infrastructure, laboratory facilities, and qualified lab staff, the department takes the utmost care to create opportunities for its students to the latest physics research and industrial development.

Department of Chemistry

Department of Chemistry is the home to renowned faculty members and provides diverse opportunities for students in the chemistry domain. The department is focused on teaching and advanced research in the frontier areas of chemistry and its interface with allied disciplines. The Department has well equipped laboratories and well-trained lab staff to support students in their practical assignments. Enhancing research facilities in the department with every passing year is another main priority of the department.

Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics strives to establish academic excellence among students by providing quality education through the comprehensive curriculum of its various programs at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The department has well-qualified and experienced faculty members along with a well-equipped computer lab to strengthen and enhance the academics and research work quality of the students.

Department of Forensic Science

Department of Forensic Science offers UG, PG, and Ph.D. programs to generate trained forensic science professionals with complete knowledge about its various aspects and applications of forensic science for justice in the court of law. The curriculum of these programmes have been designed to create a new era of forensic education through comprehensive teaching, training, and research.

Department of Environmental Science

Department of Environmental Science offers Post-Graduate and Ph.D. Programs to produce trained professionals, capable of handling the scientific, legal, socio-economic, technological, and policy-based concerns related to environment and resource management. The curriculum, of these programmes, is well designed to ensure a focus on the sustainable development in an interdisciplinary framework while emphasizing on the research and societal development.

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