Mr. Vipin Yadav

Teaching Assistant

Mr. Vipin Yadav
Qualification M.Sc. Forensic Science
Total Years of Work Experience 4.8 Years
No of Recent Publications 03
No of Conferences, Seminars & Workshops 25
Awards (International/National) -

Mr. Vipin Yadav is a highly qualified and experienced Teaching Assistant with over 4 years and 8 months of teaching experience at SGT University. He completed his B.Sc. in Life Science from Delhi University, and M.Sc. in Forensic Science and is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Forensic Science. Since 2018, he has been a valuable member at SGT University in the Faculty of Applied and Basic Sciences, where he has contributed significantly to the field of forensic science through his teaching and research. Mr. Yadav’s areas of interest include Crime scene investigation, Accident investigation, Signature analysis, and Forensic photography, among others. He has presented research papers at several national and international conferences and has published research articles in renowned journals. His dedication to his field has earned him recognition from both academic and professional organizations.

Teaching Interests

  • Forensic Science and its applications in Criminal Investigation
  • Crime Scene Investigation Techniques and Evidence Collection
  • Forensic Photography and its role in Criminal Investigations
  • Economic Offences and White-Collar Crime Investigation
  • Accident Investigation and Reconstruction Methods
  • Proactive and Reactive Forensic Techniques and their applications in solving crimes

Research Interests

  • Signature analysis and verification in questioned document examination
  • Analysis of handwriting variations and their relation to individual characteristics
  • Investigation of the effects of aging on handwriting and signatures
  • Forensic examination of altered and forged documents, including signatures
  • Development of forensic document analysis tools and techniques for signature verification
  • Analysis of different types of signatures, such as cursive, block, and initials
  • Study of signature forgery and deception techniques in questioned document examination
  • Analysis of signatures on electronic documents and digital forensics

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