Women’s Study Center

Women’s Study Center

Empowered Women Make For A Better India “Women’s empowerment is essential to making India self-reliant and a developed nation.”

Smt. Droupadi Murmu, Hon’ble President of India


Women’s study centre of SGT University , Gurugram is a wholly integrative centre within the University spanning several critical topics across the disciplines, from social theory to biomedical advances. The aim of the centre is to increase our capacity for rigorous gender analysis and to promote awareness of its relevance in historic, economic, political, social, and scientific contexts. It also aims at bringing women life in its completeness to the villages and help people solve their own problems in the changed social norms instead a solution being imposed on them from outside. The emphasis would be laid on a scientific study of the village problems before a solution was attempted. The acquired knowledge through the extension works of the centre which gives equal emphasis on the action-oriented programs toward social development , along with identifying and involving sensitive persons, including those from the community around , who are committed to play significant role, in bringing about equal participation of the women is obviously one aspect but empowering women and thereby bringing imbalance women in the sense of equal sharing and cooperation as equals.

Across Centres for women studies in India as well as Internationally, there are groups of people who are excited about their research and who are committed to multidisciplinary. Feminist techno science, culture studies, religious studies, migration studies, multicultural studies and creative writing, management studies, theatre studies, health studies and more, are all productive outputs of the endeavours of women studies enthusiasts.

With the establishment of Women’s Study Centre at SGTU, a new era of social orientation and responsibility has been unveiled in this prestigious University. We at the centre firmly believe that we can make a difference to existing gender equations in multi-disciplinary spheres.


Promotion of gender sensitization to shift societal attitudes on gender equity, equality, safety, and empowerment to achieve sustainable development goal (SDG).

  • To advocate and create awareness on women issues.
  • To make a global chain to create women violence free society.
  • To develop women leaders for equal participation in the development of Nation.
  • To create women entrepreneur for contributing in the economic development of society.
Q4.Core Values:
  • Equity
  • Equality
  • Empowerment
  • Community networking on contemporary issues in the area of women rights and justice.
  • Collaboration with Government, Semi govt organisations ,NGOs, International Bodies, corporates.
  • Edited books, Articles, Commencing a Gender specific newsletter and yearly journal.
  • To conduct National and International Conference , Workshop, Extension lecture, training, advocacy and awareness programme
  • Awareness drives on Women’s legislations, Government Policies on women safety, empowerment and gender equality.
  • Undertakes gender sensitization initiatives.
  • Undertaking research project.
  • To create awareness among men and women by assisting them in understanding, recognising, and acknowledging the multifaceted responsibilities that women play in society.
  • To create a space for women to come together through self-help groups.
  •  To inculcate entrepreneurial spirit among the women and girls ,in rural and urban area.
  • To support faculties on women issues in the area of teaching, curriculum designing, research, and extension activities in higher education institute.
  •  To encourage a Gender debate among the faculties in in higher education institute.
  • To build capacity of women and girls focusing on literacy , education, widening opportunities for employment training etc at grass root level.
  • To advocate on women’s duties and rights to one of equal involvement in all social, economic, and political activities.
  • To undertake action-based research directly contributing to women’s mobility, capacity building leadership skills, empowerment etc.
  •  To empower and support women and girls of rural area with literacy and education.
  •  To conduct skill development programme at grass root level.

Prof. (Dr.) Urmila Sharma

Director, Women’s Study Centre

Woman’s Study Centre Off. Room No. 15 G.F. Faculty Of
Law SGT University, Gurugram NCR Delhi