A Site Visit to MRG: The Balcony

Updated on: May 30, 2023

A Site Visit to MRG: The Balcony

Learn about the importance of construction site visits for civil engineering students. Discover how a recent site visit to MRG The Balcony in Gurugram enabled students to gain practical insights into engineering drawings, building materials, construction techniques like MIVAN formwork, and industry guidelines.

Site visits play an important role in the learning of civil engineering students. By visiting the construction sites, the students can effectively learn how theoretical concepts are put into practice. The site visit to the construction site enables the students to learn about current, site-specific building materials and techniques adopted by the industries. These site visits are learning experiences for the students which helped them to understand real-world construction practices. Also, students have the opportunity to communicate with professionals to aid their practical knowledge. The current site visit was planned to make the students aware of the essential fundamentals of engineering drawing and building finishing materials. The prime purpose of site visits is to learn about the understanding of different construction practices Site visits at construction sites assist students in better understanding engineering drawings and field concepts of construction techniques for affordable houses.

The prime purpose of site visits is to learn about the different construction and building materials used for the finishing of structures by the industry and minimize the gap between academics and the field/industry. Keeping this viewpoint, a site visit to MRG The Balcony, Sector 93, Gurugram, Haryana, was organized by the Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, SGT University, under the aegis of Torque Club, on 31 March 2023. Students were highly interested in understanding the floor plan and detailing of structural components of the affordable houses constructed at this site. The senior project manager initiated the importance of IS codes for civil engineering and understanding engineering drawings for the construction of any building/structure. The reinforcement detailing of the different structural components such as foundation, column, beam, slab, staircases, and ventilation components was demonstrated briefly with different plans of the buildings. He discussed the construction using MIVAN formwork for the project. The engineer also explained the different building materials used for the construction and finishing of the brickworks. He discussed the IS guidelines followed during the construction of all phases.

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