The Fascinating World of Forensic Science: Your Path to Crime Investigation and Analysis

Updated on: August 31, 2023

The Fascinating World of Forensic Science: Your Path to Crime Investigation and Analysis

Forensic science is an important field in criminal investigation, combining biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, psychology & criminal law.

Are you interested in criminal investigation and analysis? Do you have a good eye for detail and a strong interest in science? If so, a Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Forensic Science or a BSc Forensic Science Course may be the right fit for you.

This exciting area blends scientific concepts with investigative approaches to unearth evidence and solve crimes. This thorough guide digs into the relevance of BSc Forensic Science, including its curriculum, job options, essential skills, and more.

The Fascinating World of Forensic Science

Most of us are fascinated by forensic science. It is considered a seminal research in both science and criminal law. Forensic science is a job that involves working in a crime lab.

Forensic science safeguards public health, enforces criminal laws and regulations, and settles civil disputes worldwide. Forensic scientists gather, preserve, and analyze tangible evidence during an investigation. Forensic scientists must be methodical, precise, and objective.

Modern Crime-Solving: The Emergence of Forensic Science

Forensic Science has evolved as an important field in modern criminal investigation. It entails using scientific knowledge and procedures to collect and evaluate evidence that may be presented in court. Students who complete a BSc Forensic Science degree can contribute to criminal investigations, forensic laboratories, and other disciplines.

What is BSc Forensic Science?

The BSc Hons in Forensic Science degree program is intended to offer students a thorough grasp of the scientific procedures and concepts utilized in crime scene investigation and analysis. This interdisciplinary subject incorporates biology, chemistry, physics, genetics, psychology, and criminal law. Students learn how to gather, preserve, analyze, and interpret evidence discovered at crime scenes to aid in the resolution of criminal cases.

The Importance of BSc Forensic Science

In the criminal justice system, forensic science plays an important role. It aids in identifying victims and linking suspects to crime scenes and provides evidence for judicial processes. The BSc Forensic Science program graduates are qualified to examine fingerprints, DNA, fibers, ballistics, and other physical evidence. Their work helps law enforcement authorities identify culprits, establish guilt or innocence, and ensure justice.

Job Market and Salary Potential

The job market for BSc Forensic Science graduates is increasing quickly. Forensic Specialists (INR 14.8 LPA), Forensics Managers (INR 8.5 LPA), Forensic Science Professors (INR 8.42 LPA), and Forensic Scientists (INR 3.5 LPA) are the top job profiles and average incomes in this sector (Source: Glassdoor). Graduates in Forensic Science have work opportunities in public and private sectors, including universities, hospitals, defense forces, police forces, the CBI, and private investigation organizations.

Top University Offering BSc Forensic Science

When pursuing a BSc Forensic Science degree, the university you attend can significantly influence your educational experience and professional prospects. SGT University is regarded as one of Gurgaon and Haryana’s top forensic science colleges. SGT University’s comprehensive three-year BSc program in Forensic Science offers students excellent educational opportunities, cutting-edge facilities, and experienced teachers.

The university has a DIAMOND-RANKED POSITION in the QS-I Gauge worldwide university rankings.

The B.Sc. Forensic Science Course

The Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Forensic Science) is a three-year curriculum that assists students in acquiring abilities and learning about different sorts of crimes and their investigations. Students receive extensive training in collecting, conserving, handling, and assessing evidence recovered from crime scenes. The training improves students’ observation and judgment abilities to meet the demands of a criminal investigation scenario.

A Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Forensic Science curriculum gives students a solid foundation in scientific principles and procedures about criminal or public issues. The following are typical components of the program:

Core Subjects

Criminal procedure and evidence, Forensic chemistry, molecular biology, Genetics, organic chemistry, Forensic Toxicology, Introduction to Criminal Justice, Biochemistry, and Introduction to Forensic research are among the core courses covered.

Forensic Science Subjects

Science subjects such as genetics, biochemistry, microscopy, chemistry, biology, and physics give a solid foundation for forensic science.

Specialized Coursework

The specialized coursework in pathology, DNA analysis, criminology, firearms examination, trace evidence analysis, and toxicology.

Hands-on Laboratory Experience

Practical skills in forensic analysis and investigation are developed via hands-on laboratory experience.

Research and Analysis Training

Training in research and analysis teaches students how to conduct research and use quantitative and qualitative analysis methodologies that follow industry best practices and legal processes for acceptable evidence.

Career Preparation

Resume writing, interview skills, and professional ethics are topics covered in career preparation classes or workshops.

Why Consider Studying for a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Forensic Science)?

There are various reasons to consider studying for a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Forensic Science):

Career Opportunities

There is an increasing demand for forensic science personnel in law enforcement and private labs in India. SGT’s forensic science program will prepare you to work in the country and contribute to the legal system.

Cultural and Regional Relevance

Studying forensic science at SGT exposes you to the country’s unique issues and practices in crime and justice. This can give you a distinct viewpoint and knowledge of forensic science.

Higher Education and Research

After earning a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Forensic Science from SGT University, you can apply for higher education and research possibilities. This can lead to advanced degrees and specific fields of study in forensic science.

Networking and Collaboration

Studying at SGT University allows you to network nationwide with other students, teachers, and forensic science experts. This networking and teamwork might benefit future job possibilities and professional development.

Why Choose SGT University for a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Forensic Science)?

SGT University is widely regarded as the best science college in Delhi NCR. It offers a comprehensive three-year BSc program in Forensic Science, providing students with outstanding educational opportunities, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced instructors. SGT University also boasts a 100% placement assistance program, advanced classrooms, and well-equipped labs, among other amenities.


Students do not have to worry about their jobs as we provide 100% placement. The university offers internships in various Government Forensic Science labs like CBI CFSL, Shimla DFSS, Jaipur FSL, Madhuban Karnal FSL, and different college and university document examiners.


The infrastructure of the forensic science course is advanced. Our college provides 8 to 9 intelligent classrooms, two forensic science labs, and free Wi-Fi.

High-Skilled Faculty

The teachers in the university are well-qualified with professional degrees who impart knowledge to students and help them enhance their skills.

Career Advancement

Three years of intensive learning on our campus give a solid foundation, which may be enhanced with an excellent internship. Throughout the course, small group sessions will help you develop transferable skills to help you with your studies. This curriculum exposes you to forensic science on a national and worldwide scale, allowing you to become a well-rounded practitioner.

Highly Sought-After Skills

Expert sessions and practical training will give you broad industry experience as a forensic scientist with the most up-to-date skills and understanding of current trends and technologies. Our purpose-built facilities, which include forensic science labs, provide a comprehensive learning environment.

Hands-On Learning

The field thrives on the interaction between theory and practice. From the first year, you will begin applying your knowledge and improving your abilities, allowing you to learn via hands-on experience.

In Conclusion

Pursuing a Bachelor of Science (Hons) (Forensic Science) degree involves a dedication to science, justice, and the pursuit of the truth. Your journey into the intriguing realm of forensic science will surely be gratifying with SGT University’s comprehensive program and helpful atmosphere. Join us at SGT University, where science and justice collide to reveal the truth.

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